ncgopWe heard this term bantered about when former state Rep. Richard Morgan and a handful of friends cut a deal with Jim Black and the Democrats to snatch a state House majority from the GOP. We heard this term being bantered about when a group of Morgan supporters — some of whom STILL sit on the state executive committee — backed an independent candidate against the Republican who knocked Morgan off in the 2006 primary.  We also heard this term kicked around earlier this year by state House Republican leaders to try to bully reluctant conservatives into backing a hideous piece of pork barrel legislation.

Now, we’re starting to hear the whole P.D. terminology once again in reference to conservatives expressing wariness about the GOP nominee for US Senate.  A Republican activist from the western part of the state forwarded the following email they received from a local party official:

Hi (redacted)
I was just made aware that you and others in the party are heading a write in campaign against Thom Tillis.  The meeting tonight is for precinct organization and part of the criteria is party loyalty.  If you are in favor of an independent write in candidate against a Republican, you can no longer be a part of your precinct organization.  Please read below Article IIIV D of the (redacted) County Republican Party Plan of organization.  Please reconsider coming tonight to the meeting.  I am afraid that anyone who is there who is not supporting a Republican will be asked to leave.  I hope you understand.

Any registered Republican using a current or former title as a Party or elected official on the Republican ticket to influence the outcome of any election against a Republican nominee may be declared ineligible to hold office under the State Plan of Organization at the State, District, County, and Precinct level for Party disloyalty by 2/3 vote of the State Executive Committee. Charges for Party disloyalty may be brought by petition of 50 members of the State Executive Committee, or by resolution of a County or District Republican Executive Committee. Any Republican against whom charges of Party disloyalty are brought shall be furnished with two (2) weeks notice of said charges and be given an opportunity to present a defense. For purposes of this Plan of Organization, “Party disloyalty” is defined as actively supporting a candidate of another Party or independent candidate running in opposition to a nominee of the Republican Party. The State Executive Committee may declare a Republican found to have engaged in Party disloyalty as ineligible to serve in any office under this Plan of organization for a period of time between 6 months and 5 years.

The ”write-in” candidate referred to in the email is former GOP legislator John Rhodes.  For the record, my source is not part of any campaign organization for Rhodes — official or otherwise.  My source DOES associate with people actively involved in promoting Rhodes. So, we apparently have guilt by association. 
Some may look at this — at face value — and see no problem. But consider the fact that the state party’s current vice chairman, while a Republican member of the state House, sided with Richard Morgan in an alliance with Democrats to deny Republicans a majority granted to them by the state’s voters.  She voted FOR the Democrat nominee for speaker against her caucus’s nominee.  It fits the definition of party disloyalty perfectly.  Is ANYONE asking her to stay away from party meetings or to give up her post? 
When conservatives tried to move against Richard Morgan supporters in 2006-2007, party leaders discouraged the effort. They said the Morganista transgressions should be forgiven, and that the party should move on, for the sake of unity.
Political analysts — even at the national level,– are seeing the Tillis campaign’s poor relations with conservatives as one of its biggest obstacles in the fight to defeat Kay Hagan.  Would it not better serve the party — and Thom Tillis — to try and woo disaffected conservatives, instead of bullying or threatening them?

22 thoughts on “#ncpol: PARTY DISLOYALTY (*SIGH*)

  1. I and others ARE writing in John Rhodes. For exactly the reason presented above. Letters and actions like the quoted one above are not free thinking, forward thinking, conservative, or healthy.
    Actions like this are divisive, tyrannical, oppressive, and un-American. Period. The likes of those that put forth such an action should be ejected from the Republican Party that I USED to know and love.

  2. For this reason I resigned my precinct chair position and registered as UNA 3weeks ago. No one tells me how to vote. I decide when I go to vote. Right now I can’t support Tillis. Btw. It is very freeing .

    1. You’re not alone. I laughed when I go another letter from the NCGOP Exec committee a few days ago asking me to raise my yearly donation “temporarily” because of the senate race. I’m unaffiliated now. Raised my United Way donation by a few bucks since I won’t be sending any more to the NCGOP.

      1. United Way has some liberal recipients. Much better to redirect your GOP contributions to dependable conservative organizations such as the Senate Conservatives Fund or the Club for Growth or directly to conservative candidates you can trust.

    2. Registering Unaffiliated is hurting the conservative movement. To elect conservatives, we have to get them on the ballot. There is no effective mechanism to do that with conservative unaffiliated candidates or to support them if they got there. The only existing viable mechanism to get conservative candidates on the ballot that currently exists is through the Republican Party, and when conservatives abandon the party to the Big Government RINO’s, it makes it far more difficult to move our conservative candidates through the process.

      I am sure the Big Government RINO’s chortle with glee every time a conservative abandons the GOP for UNA ranks, as it does makes it that more difficult for conservatives to get control of the party.

      Now when you come up with another viable vehicle to get conservative candidates on the ballot and support them, then you may have an argument, but until you do, doing what you did is a fools errand.

  3. Republicans must be united and loyal to the party in their efforts to support passage of Republican amnesty for illegals, and Republican tax increases, Republican Common Core, Republican Tholl Roads, and Republican infrigement of our 2nd Amendment rights through common sense gun control.

    Not Democrat amnesty for illegals, or Democrat tax increases, or Democrat Common Core, and Democrat Tholl Roads and Democrat infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Remember Democrat amnesty for illegals, Democrat tax increases, Democrat Common Core, Democrat Tholl Roads, and Democrat infringement of our 2nd Amendment rights BAD.

    Republican amnesty for illegals, Republican tax increases, Republican Common Core, Republican Tholl Roads, and Republican infrigement of our 2nd Amendment rights GOOD.

    Above all else, be loyal to these Republican initiatives:

    Republican amnesty for illegals, Republican tax increases, Republican Common Core, Republican Tholl Roads, and Republican infrigement of our 2nd Amendment rights GOOD.

    1. You should substitute the word ”RINO” for Republican on each of those issues. The Republican base is against those issues. The Republican platform is against those issues. Unfortunately we have a few Big Government RINO quislings who do not represent party views and instead suck up to the special interests. When a candidate does not have party loyalty to the Republican platform, it is laughable that Republican voters should have any duty of loyalty to them. Party loyalty is a two way street.

  4. Swamp Fox certainly you’re waterlogged. You forgot one. Obamacare, the Republican leaders call it a great idea.

    1. Well, Tillis did, but I hardly call him a Republican leader. Tillis is little more than a rent boy for the special interests, and would not know what a political principle was if one jumped up and bit him. And Tillis also tried to set up a state Obamacare exchange and supported the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

      If Tillis wants to see why he is losing the Senate race, he ought to take a good long hard look at his own record and his own positions on key issues. His problem is entirely self-inflicted.

  5. Sorry, but as a former NC resident, precinct chair and county secretary I agree with the policy! There was a primary and there was a winner. If you don’t want to support the nominee but you are in a leadership position then leave that position. NC doesn’t have nearly as much of a mess as VA with no party registration, nominations often by convention and not primary, dems voting in primaries and chairs endorsing before there’s a nominee.

  6. The party does not have the right to tell anyone what to do in terms of who to support or vote for; however, they do have the right to ask those in leadership positions to step aside if they can’t support the winning candidate. In their own best interests, the GOP needs Tillis supporters in the leadership positions in order to win.
    As I have said before on this blog, I am reluctantly supporting Tillis because I feel the need to rid ourselves of Harry Reid is more important right now than making a point with the GOP. Putting more Democrats in office just to make a point with the GOP isn’t the answer and will only make things worse. Once Hagan and Reid are out of the way, it’s time to start the task of organizing a third, Conservative, party that can mount a successful winning campaign in 2016..

    1. With you Mary Ann. Only I won’t be going 3rd party (too hard to win), but will be pushing for conservatives in leadership positions of the G.O.P.

      In fact I hope Greg Brannon and others of like mind run again.

      1. JJ, you make an excellent point. We can bring the party in line with our Conservative beliefs but we need to fill those leadership positions with Conservatives!

  7. So, if you are an elected official (R), and you aren’t going out of your way to publicly support R candidates, then you can be asked to step down? What constitutes support? Do you have to give time and treasure, come out and stump for them, or is it just voting? ‘Cause if it is just voting, how in the heck do “they” know if you support said nominee if you never offer the info up? This is a screwy policy, and I for one personally know people who are publically supporting Dems and are office holding Republicans — not running for election themselves, but still actionable.\

    1. Actually, this county chairman is abusing his authority. One can, under the state GOP plan of organization, hold party office and support other candidates as long as they do not use the title, powers, or authority of that party position to do so.

      Personally, I do hold more than one party office. In my area, we have good solid conservative candidates for every office except US Senate. I have made contributions to many of those down ballot candidates and otherwise worked in their campaigns. I have also made it clear that I am not supporting Tillis unless he demonstrates some strong commitments to principle that he has not done so far (and I strongly suspect he will not).

      What worries me is those who sing the sirens song of registering unaffiliated. That accomplishes nothing but solidifying control of the party structure by the Big Government RINO’s and making it even more difficult to elect conservatives to public office.

      I would also point out that party loyalty is a two way street, and until a candidate displays party loyalty to the GOP platform on major issues (which Tillis has NOT), then it is laughable that GOP voters should owe any party loyalty to him.

  8. Problem is, JJ & Mary Ann, that one cannot enter the sanctums of the state committees and “party leadership” without being a card-carrying member of the good-ole-boy inner network. After spending six years as precinct chair watching the workings and under-the-table politics of the Republican Party, I realized that the true conservative movement does not stand a chance of getting positions of “leadership”. The entire process is driven by major donor money and the bought-and-sold candidates who the Republican “leadership” and major donor-power-brokers hold up as the “most electable”…

    See where that’s gotten them in the past elections. I believe the Republican Party is on its last legs. I have come to be convinced that there is not enough time to reform it. The Republicans are just like the Democrats. There is not enough time for a third party to rise and displace the failed Republicans. The system is about to crash and reset.

    1. The Republicans do too much thinking. They get all involved in theory and the Constitution and fail to remember that elections are about electing your candidate. In this case many Republicans only want to defeat Tillis. What happens later in DC is not a consideration. The Republican party needs a strong national leader who can whip the troops into shape or they need to go their own separate ways.

      1. Your thinking is so Top-Down, just like a Democrat.

        What we need in DC is strong leaders who will fight hard for the Republican principles which unite our party, not wimpy surrender monkeys who cave in to the Democrats.

        1. “…….Republican principles which unite our party,…..”

          Remind me again which Republican principles unite our party.

          By the way, when was the last time the Republican Party was united? I can’t remember.

      2. My problem with the palm cards is all GOP candidates are not listed on some…just the ones the NCGOP has decided to support.

        I find it highly hypocritical that party officials are in a tizzy about someone supporting a candidate that is a Republican but a write in candidate but omits certain Republicans running for judge because they have make their choices. All GOP judges running should be on palm cards, otherwise you are doing the same thing.

        1. There are two judicial races of that nature.

          One is a Court of Appeals race with over 20 candidates, at least 10 being Republican, and 3 or 4 being substantial. Putting all of those names on a palm card is impractical. It really came down to two candidates who had substantial support. Winning the seat, it was best to choose one, although designating two would possibly also have worked. Listing all ~10 was impractical and self defeating.

          In the Supreme Court Chief Justice race, there is one genuine Republican and one poseur. The poseur was appointed Judge by a Democrat governor who did not appoint Republicans or independents but only loyal Democrats, and she had previously worked at the legislature for the most liberal Democrat House Speaker in state history. In her campaign, she has had lots of connections with a variety of leftwing groups and Democrat groups. She ducked a speaking opportunity at the state GOP convention in order to speak at a Democrat function the same day. There is no way on God’s green earth that this phoney should ever have been listed on GOP palm cards. Her ”party change” was one of convenience, opportunism, and deception.

  9. What happens if Tillis wins? What sort of leadership will there be in the House.

    I haven’t seen this brought up much. It would be interesting if you were able to get a much more conservative Speaker.

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