NC-02: She wants us to PAY for WHAT ???

Renee Ellmers (Ellmers for Congress)Renee Ellmers must have been itching for some more coverage on this site.  It’s been a while since she graced our home page. Miss Harnett County has apparently introduced a bill mandating that the feds reimburse local authorities for taking care of illegal aliens.  :

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC) has introduced a bill that would use money earmarked for foreign aid to reimburse states for money spent to detain and educate illegal immigrants.

Ellmers’ Accountability in Foreign Aid Act addresses concerns Republicans have over the billions the states have been forced to spend due to the failure of the federal government to address illegal immigration.

“The situation at the border is unprecedented–children are coming into our states at a rate that will overwhelm our local communities and their available resources,” Ellmers said. “These children are being funneled into our public schools and our hospitals are forced to provide emergency care, but our states are given no financial assistance to deal with this ongoing problem.”

“Rather than continue to supply an endless amount of foreign aid abroad, it’s time we redirect funding sent overseas and prioritize our local governments who are left footing the bill,” she said.

 Never mind that the feds HAVE NO MONEY and this law — if passed — will simply add to the obscene federal debt. How about forcing the executive branch to ENFORCE existing immigration law?  Where is THAT legislation?   MORE: 

“State and local governments, as well as school boards, would be able to apply for reimbursement for the expenses to the Treasury Department,” The Hill reported. “Applicable expenses would include public school education, detention facilities, medical care and other services for the immigrants.”wall

Ellmers said that the program would be paid for by withholding 15 percent of foreign aid accounts. She excluded food aid programs, military aid to Israel, and other military aid programs. She also said that programs that remove unexploded land mines would be exempt, as would Global Health Programs and programs for non-proliferation, anti-terrorism, and other related programs.

Politicians try to feed this kind of nonsense to low information voters all the time.  “Oh, city taxpayers won’t have to cover the bill.  The STATE will pick up the cost.”  They are counting on the fact that the LIVs will not put 2 and 2 together and realize both entities get their money from the same frickin’ place.  (Given what I know about Ellmers, I am not all that sure that SHE understands that. )

How would this bill put a cork in the flood of illegal aliens?  If local authorities have a blank check from the feds, where is the incentive to turn away or report illegals?  This bill creates another source of revenue for the local educrats / bureaucrats.

I am very skeptical of this campaign-time “tough talk” on immigration.  Remember her screaming hissy fit at her constituents and her on-air meltdown with Laura Ingraham?  Also, don’t forget her kiss-up to the amnesty crowd in Randolph County.

She has a history of campaign-time “come-to-Jesus” moments.  In 2012, Ellmers ran ads claiming to be “a fighter for traditional values.”  Yet she publicly bashed the vote on the marriage amendment to the state constitution.   She’s also been back and forth on the whole issue of defunding and repealing ObamaCare.