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#NCGA: Captain Obvious files his copy

McCrory rift with Senate may stall NC budget.   Ya Think ???? That was the eloquently succinct and prescient headline atop the latest missive from McClatchy-Charlotte’s genial geriatric Jim Morrill. It looks like he’s noticed that our governor’s public antics are not helping to, um,…

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Poet-gate and the sad state of media and politics in North Carolina

Well, the testosterone-challenged crowd in the McClatchy newsrooms have claimed the scalp of a poor, defenseless woman who made the horrific “mistake” of allowing Gov, Pat to appoint her poet laureate.  They’re against any and all military actions when our national security is threatened, but…

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#NCGA: No reasonable expectation of privacy while on public street? (Um, Fourth Amendment?)

I am seriously #SMH on this one: […] Sen. Tamara Barringer, a Cary Republican who is also a law professor, said there is a right to privacy but not always a reasonable expectation of that privacy. “I abhor government intervention, but I will support the…

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Monkey Business Update: The state’s sea level rise study

We’ve posted previously about the do-over ordered by the legislature on the projections of sea level changes along the coast.  This information is important because it can affect insurance rates, and permitted uses of private property, for decades to come. The chairman of the NC…

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Gov. Pat takes a page from Thad Cochran’s political playbook

In Mississippi, when incumbent US senator Thad Cochran appeared to be going down in flames to Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel, GOP establishment types sold their souls and threw in with Democrats to fend off the conservative hordes.  It looks like Pat McCrory — apparently…

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#NCGA: Looking to cut? WHY NOT UNC ???

The state budget is on the mind of a lot of Raleigh-watchers and insiders.  How to get pay raises for teachers has been a major sticking point on reaching an agreement.  It’s been pointed out that North Carolina’s public school system has some of the…

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Pat sounds like Bev.

In 2012, Bev Perdue came to the conclusion that she had enough of a GOP majority on Jones Street and escaped Raleigh to the safe confines of Harvard’s Kennedy School and New Bern.  Lefties and their media cohorts bemoaned the impending “conservative revolution” in Raleigh….

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Plenty of money for statist nonsense. Not enough for stuff govt is actually supposed to pay for.

In Charlotte and Raleigh, leaders are trying to raise property taxes in order to finance teacher pay raises.  There is NO money available right now to pay for those raises, they tell us. Yet — thanks to our friend Lady Liberty — we learn that Wake…

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Tharte. Thillis. Tholl Roads. Thwenty dollars round-trip DAILY. Throuble?

Toll roads.  House speaker and US Senate Thom Tillis thinks they are OK.  So does state House speaker pro tem Skip Stam. Gov. Pat likes them, and so does his DOT board chairman.   The state has awarded a 50 year contract to a Spanish…

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#NCPOL: Gov Pat forced to lay in the bed he made

It’s pretty clear — from the background conversations I am having —  that things are a bit frosty between the governor’s office and many of the Republican honorables on Jones Street. A lot of the problem seems to be rooted in a lack of communication.   Legislators…