Murder is BAD regardless of the suspect’s or victim’s demographics

DEI is tearing this country apart.  It emphasizes race, gender, sexual orientation and the like over common sense things like competence and content of character.  It’s making a mess of education and  life in the workplace.  People are gaining or losing opportunities for advancement based on qualities they were born with.  

Silly me, I thought that’s what the whole Civil Rights Movement was about quashing.

DEI is even creeping into our politics.  Notice all the talk about a matchup for governor between the “first black” and “first Jew” ?  Me, I’d like to hear less of that and more about their qualifications, their accomplishments, the content of their respective characters, and their plans for the future. 

At the state and federal levels, we have “hate crimes” — normal criminal activity that becomes more “serious” if someone involved was part of a certain protected group.  Most crime — especially the violent stuff — tends to involve some kind of rage or hate.  The act doesn’t become any more justified or horrific based on the suspect’s or victim’s  race / gender / sexual orientation.

I understand we do have a criminal charge on the books called “assault on a female.”  Like any good native-born southern gentleman, I take great offense at a male member of the species taking a swipe at a female.   But assault is assault is assault.

The charge shouldn’t gain or lose any weight / significance because an involved party falls into a certain protected category. 

Our criminal justice system is still reeling from the General Assembly’s passage of the tragically mis-named Racial Justice Act.  Death sentences got thrown out because some liberal judge determined the racial makeup of the jury did not include a sufficient number of members of an aggrieved, “oppressed” minority.  (It’s one thing if some honest-to-goodness procedural error is uncovered and corrected.)

Sensitive liberals got assuaged across the state.  But old wounds got ripped open in many, many victims’ families.   The RJA got repealed in 2013, but liberal lawyers are still carrying on the fight in court.


Now, word comes from The Triangle – Ground Zero for leftist kookiness in our state – of an effort to make killing a woman more serious than killing a man.  

*Hmmm.  I wonder what our current attorney general – or those  candidates seeking to replace him – think(s) about such a proposal? *