Seeking our votes while bleeding us dry

The word “conservative” has been so misused and abused this campaign season it ought to be a crime.  There are party primaries next week.  Various and sundry scoundrels in DC and Raleigh have been telling us how they’ve been “fighting for” us.  However, the numbers don’t seem to provide any evidence for that.

The US gross domestic product (GDP) grew $334 billion in Q4 of 2023.  THAT growth cost us $834 billion in debt. 

The GDP is a key indicator illustrating the health of an economy.  The spending orgy rages on.  No one is accepting any responsibility.  They’re buying us all kinds of new, shiny “toys.”  But our kids and grandkids are being stuck with the bill.

According to Money magazine, North Carolina has one of the highest gas taxes in the country.  Considering the fact we have a $3.25 billion budget surpluswhich means we have been overtaxed — and an allegedly conservative Republican supermajority in the General Assembly, one would think the “honorables” in Raleigh would consider giving us at least some temporary relief.  (Not a chance.)

On the gas tax front, check out some of the company we’re keeping:

If all that hasn’t warmed your heart and made you feel all gosh-darned warm inside, consider this:  FOOD is taking the biggest chunk out of our income in 30 years. 

All of this information doesn’t necessarily mean you need to vote for the other party.  Primaries are what we are facing right now.  You can identify and vote for a candidate who has not been captivated  or co-opted by the corruption in DC and Raleigh.  Someone who remembers where they came from and what the people there are facing.  Someone who actually considers how their friends and neighbors will be affected before they cast a vote. 

With a shameful record like we’ve touched on here, NOBODY who is IN needs to STAY IN.  This is not a D or R problem.  It is about a lust for big government infecting our so-called leaders like a plague.

If they haven’t successfully addressed any of this in the terms they’ve served already, they don’t need ONE MORE.  It’s time for someone else to take a stab at cleaning up the mess.