Nearly $2.5 MIL in tax money over last 14 mos. to Robinson family business, courtesy of NC DHHS

That’s the latest information we have from the office of the state controller. That’s up from total revenue of $111,628 in 2017.

Hill, Robinson and Balanced Nutrition get to keep roughly 15 percent of that nearly $2.5 million for “operating expenses.”  Add that fifteen percent to the $146,421 per year Robinson is paid as lieutenant governor and you’ve got quite a nice — albeit taxpayer funded – living.

It’s funny.  The cadre of consultants embedded over at Robinson for Governor have been poo-pooing our reporting on Balanced Nutrition.  They’ve claimed the money for the business comes from the federal Department of Agriculture and not the state.  So, therefore – they say –  there is no conflict of interest.  

IF all that is true, then somebody needs to find out HOW the state controller and NC DHHS got their hands on all of this financial info, as well as a plethora of budgetary and other forms filled out and signed by Yolanda Hill (aka “Mrs. Mark Keith Robinson”). 

To those of you late to this story, let’s recap:

[…] Family Business Issues.  Let’s not forget Greensboro-based Balanced Nutrition.  Yolanda Hill – the aspiring First Lady of North Carolina – is listed on paperwork as the principal and CFO.  Mark Robinson admitted in his 2022 memoir that he worked there some between his furniture company job and kicking off his lieutenant governor campaign.  Balanced Nutrition is fully-funded by money transferred from the US Department of Agriculture via The North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services. Balanced Nutrition’s mission is to transfer the government money they receive to day care centers across the state seeking reimbursement for lunches they feed their attendees. (It’s quite an unusual career choice for a pair marketing themselves as The First Couple of North Carolina conservatism.) 

Balanced Nutrition appears to have a number of problems deserving further discussion and investigation  from government authorities and our drive-by media:

  • Improper application for and receipt of TWO PayCheck Protection loans — from the COVID era — which evolved into grants not needing repayment,
  • Failing to identify family members on the company board and payroll, as required by the Internal Revenue Service,
  • Accounting documents that fail to adhere to generally accepted accounting practices,
  • Accounting practices that make it a challenge to actually confirm who has worked for the company and how much they have been paid.

What’s the plan for Balanced Nutrition if Mark Robinson gets elected governor?  Will his wife continue to run a company funded by [and overseen by] a state agency to be staffed by her husband’s appointees? […]