A last-minute reminder for Moore County voters

We’ve got races for Congress, county commissioner, and school board on Tuesday’s ballot.  We put out an earlier post for the early-voters.  Here’s a reminder for folks who are waiting until Election Day:

Congress:  Richard Hudson represents the House leadership and some Charlotte-area bagmen. We are so far down on his list of priorities.  For a guy who claims to be local and our neighbor, we never see him.  (He reportedly owns a house over at Pinehurst #9, aka National.) A recent campaign mailer from Hudson featured a picture of Hudson, the wife, and their son posing at the Southern Pines train station.  The photo appeared to be photoshopped.   (Hmmm.  Can’t be bothered to drive five minutes from your alleged residence to pose for a photo.). Remember, this is the same guy who fabricated a small business so he could campaign as an entrepreneur during his first run for Congress.  

Sanford-area resident Troy Tarazon has launched a last-minute primary campaign against Hudson.  We recommend a vote for Tarazon or simply leaving this line of the ballot BLANK.

Either tactic should  get Hudson’s attention. (Not much else has managed to, thus far.)  People like Hudson need to learn a lesson that it IS all about public service, and not about enriching yourself at the public’s expense. 

Moore County Board of Commissioners:  This one is Adams v. Adams.  Steve Adams owns WEEB radio and is a well-known host of the station’s morning show.  He’s run for sheriff a few times and stepped on more than a few toes.

Tom Adams is – to put it kindly – a pompous buffoon best known for recently chairing the Moore Republican Men’s Club.  He’s been a lobbyist.  Moore County politics has been good for fellow lobbyist Pat Pizzella, so it might work out for ol’ Tom.

I had my one and only encounter with Tom Adams at a recent political gathering here in the county.  I was engaged in a conversation with a visiting statewide elected official, when I felt someone shove me from behind and shout what sounded like “Out of my way!”  It was Tom Adams, apparently attempting to push his way in front of me and interrupt my conversation with the visiting official.  I have to say I was taken aback at this appalling public display of low-class conduct.

I never got an apology.  Later, at the same event, I was having a conversation with a friend visiting from Forsyth County.  Again, Tom Adams appears from nowhere and butts into the situation.  He starts to give my friend his campaign stump speech.  My friend was polite, but clearly amused and a little confused.  “He’s not from here,”  I told Adams, who glanced at me and kept talking.   Adams never bothered to ask my name or if I was an actual Moore County voter.  (For the record, I AM.)

Steve Adams is rough around the edges as well.  But he does a good job in demonstrating his campaign is more about public service than a selfish, arrogant personal crusade. Tom Adams fails miserably in that department.

Cast your vote on Tuesday for Steve Adams.

Moore County Board of Education:

District 1:  Vote for Oscar Romine. 

District 2: There are two non-Republicans running against incumbent registered Republican Bob Levy.  Levy first ran for office as a conservative, but has evolved into a rubber stamp for the left-of-center central office staff.  Levy has forgotten who he truly represents.  His betrayal of — and coup against – former ally David Hensley has been appalling.  Levy refuses to apologize for his less-than-honorable behavior against Hensley.   Some are insisting that Levy needs to be supported because of his Republican registration and in spite of his horrible in-office behavior.

The best we can recommend here is leaving this race blank on your ballot.  Levy needs to learn a lesson for his behavior.  He may still manage to sneak back on the board.  If he does that, he needs to be removed from the chairmanship or any other board office.

District 4:   David Hensley is -hands down- the best choice for this seat.  The Pilot and their leftist allies in the community are gunning hard for Hensley – throwing around words like “incivility.”  To enact change, you sometimes have to get noisy. Hensley- an accomplished businessman – has done yeoman’s work with transparency and fiscal responsibility.

“Civility”  returns us to the days of quiet acquiescence and rubberstamping of requests from the superintendent and his minions.  The desires of taxpayer-funded bureaucrats outrank the wishes of the taxpayers the board is supposed to represent.  Nagy, Woronoff and the gang love stuff like that.

If truly understanding what government bureaucrats are doing to your kids with YOUR money is important to you, re-elect David Hensley and ensure that he has plenty of help on that school board.

District 5: Incumbent Philip Holmes, who aided Bob Levy’s back-stabbing of then-vice chairman David Hensley, has apparently decided not to seek reelection.  His name will still be on the ballot, though.  (A vote for Holmes will be a wasted vote.)

The choices for this seat are not great.  We have Robin Calcutt, a former Moore County schools administrator, and Don Zawlocki – a former out-of-state teacher who now coaches at a Moore County high school.

Calcutt is registered Republican and touting herself as “the conservative choice” in her ads.  Yet, she is campaigning with liberal Democrats and is very close to her former colleagues at the schools’ central office.

Zawlocki is a wild-card who doesn’t offer much of a hint of how he’d govern if elected.

The best bet for this seat is crossing your fingers and voting for Zawlocki or simply leaving it blank.