Early Mark Robinson supporter explains her move to Dale Folwell camp

Greensboro-area resident Aryn Schloemer has been around conservative grassroots circles for some time.  She’s a founding member of Guilford Patriots AND NC Grassroots Government.  Some may remember her as a co-plaintiff in the legal complaint about the NCGOP’s 2023 convention and officer elections.  Schloemer is also a familiar face and name for folks working in the election integrity arena.

She is now circulating an op-ed detailing her conversion from an early, passionate supporter of Lt. Governor Mark Robinson‘s campaign for governor over to a supporter of state treasurer Dale Folwell:

Meeting Mark Robinson early 2019, I have a unique perspective on him personally and professionally.

I watched him struggle to find his calling after his viral speech, pursue, campaign, fundraise and win Lieutenant Governor. 

My initial concerns around Mark’s engagement in politics centered on his ability to remain effective at speaking truth; speaking truth burns bridges and burning bridges ruins political careers. As a man with no experience or network of dependable allies in Raleigh, the challenges ahead would be massive and his moral compass essential for righteousness.

Shortly after his announcement for Lieutenant Governor, Mark faced his first political decision; whether to fulfill his promise to Jim Womack, the grassroots candidate for NCGOP Chair, to deliver his nominating speech at the 2019 NCGOP convention or back out and refuse to confront the establishment republicans and Michael Whatley. Mark gave one of his best speeches and I couldn’t have been prouder.

Mark surpassed all expectations when he achieved his win against eight other candidates in the 2020 Primary.

He didn’t surpass mine. I spent the evening at his watch party texting, “I told you so” to every contact in my phone. Mark’s momentum shot him to Raleigh, straight into the Lion’s Den, where Mark’s moral compass would be challenged daily.

In 2021, I still had hope Mark would lead a revival spreading Christian values across North Carolina, bringing much needed reformation to our state government reaffirming Biblical principles, restoring freedom, and upholding the Constitution. 

Unfortunately, over the next three years, Mark progressively lost his conviction and all effectiveness of spreading truth. Instead of fulfilling the promises he had made to be the voice for the voiceless, Mark fundraised and slowly abandoned all duties of Lieutenant Governor and became unrecognizable to the very people who fought so hard to get him elected.

Mark’s inaction became commonplace.  He did not push back against the Cooper-NCGOP agenda to expand Medicaid, the North Carolina Green New Deal, ESG, DEI, online gambling, broadened quarantine language and Covid mandates.

A pillar of Mark’s platform for Lieutenant Governor was to abolish abortion. Yet, when the conservative legislators were debating for the heartbeat bill, Mark didn’t want to talk about abortion anymore, apparently forgetting his words from 2020, that abortion was a stain on America, and that God would never smile on our nation until abortion was abolished.

Mark was given access to experts who told him in no uncertain terms about early treatment, therapeutics, and the clear and present dangers of the hospital protocol (Remdesivir, sedatives, and ventilators) and the “Covid-19 vaccine.”

I would text, call and visit Raleigh, each time begging Mark to use his megaphone to speak against the destruction of freedom and liberty through Cooper’s Executive Orders and laws passed by the Republican-led General Assembly.

We all waited and waited, and waited for Mark, our fearless leader, to stand in the gap.

The years of deafening silence became crystal clear at Mark’s announcement for Governor when Phil Berger shared the stage. The brand of “Mark Robinson” that launched in 2019, fierce and righteous, ready to fight the establishment had been diminished, and molded into the most typical politician, reading a written speech that said nothing at all.

No one was surprised when Mark was too busy to attend any of the rallies or county commissioner meetings protesting legalizing casinos.

Mark somehow did manage to squeeze in a radio show the following morning after all the dust had settled. He pretended he was with us in the trenches, but never called out the atrocities of burying legalizing casinos in a budget bill and refusing to include public opinion on such a consequential matter.

When the reciprocal endorsements by Phil Berger and Mark appeared all over social media, I knew Mark’s moral compass was irretrievably compromised, and our grassroots leader was no more. Without his moral compass and conviction to speak truth, Mark is merely a mouthpiece for all that’s wrong with North Carolina, dreadfully unfit to serve as Governor and destined to hand Josh Stein a victory in November’s General Election.

When Dale announced his run for Governor, I like others, questioned why he wouldn’t just continue his great work as treasurer.

But voting decisions should not be made emotionally.

I am embarrassed to admit, I had no prior knowledge of Dale’s background before discounting his run. My due diligence on Dale, as a candidate for Governor, began immediately.

It didn’t take long to confirm Dale’s life experiences and resume made him the EXACT person for the job; a man with a lifelong commitment to public service, an incredible ability to identify problems and efficiently solve them, a commitment to transparency and communication, and unmatched tenacity to steward money.

Dale’s lifelong commitment to public service began in 1990 when he was elected to the Forsyth County School Board and served two terms. Having endured personal tragedy, the loss of his child to a lack of school bus safety, Dale was elected to the General Assembly, where he focused on school safety/education, crime prevention, government efficiency and family values. 

While in the General Assembly, Dale led the way to pass 28 major pieces of legislation, quite a feat as Republicans were in the minority. To quote Dale, “With every bill I introduce, I try to make it common-sense and something every member would be proud to vote for.” 4,098 yes votes and 171 no votes brought those 28 bills to law. Dale doesn’t just use unity as a talking point, he is living proof it can be accomplished.  

About his tenure in the General Assembly:

The invisible problems will ultimately drive NC’s future. Those invisible problems are the $35 billion unfunded liability in retiree health care obligations, the growing taxpayer liability for Teachers & State Employees’ Retirement System, the workers’ compensation system and the unemployment insurance system.

Solving problems whether as a garbage collector, a motorcycle mechanic, legislator or State Treasurer, Dale has a proven track record. He excelled wherever he was by listening to those around him and always answering the phone.

Dale’s commitment to transparency and problem solving as State Treasurer led him to initiate monthly “Ask Me Anything” teleconferences with reporters and constituents. 

For Dale: “It’s not enough to know that something needs to be done. Somebody has to listen and act on it.”

In a time where politicians, like Mark Robinson, run from debates, reporters and even constituents, Dale’s commitment to securing North Carolina’s success remains steadfast through open dialogue and accessibility. 

The list of financial accomplishments Dale has secured for North Carolina first as a legislator and then as State Treasurer are no less than astonishing.

-Maintained North Carolina’s AAA credit score

-Stood up to drug companies and hospitals, fighting for lower costs and medical transparency

-Transformed a $2 billion federal debt to a $1 billion surplus

-Currently, NC ranked among the nation’s top five in highest funded pension plans

Dale, taking his blue-collar experiences, discerning his God-given gifts, enhancing them with formal education and time in the private sector, serving the People locally, in the General Assembly and as a member of the Council of State will undoubtedly produce an outstanding governor. 

His lifelong record for integrity, producing results, uniting under common sense principles with unemotional unbiased demeanor, creating efficiency, mastering positions of authority before elevating in responsibility and a servant’s heart of 34 years is exactly what North Carolina needs to get back on track. […]

Early, devoted friends walking away from Mark Robinson feeling betrayed.  It’s becoming an all-too-familiar story.  We heard about it from former congressman Mark Walker.  We heard about it from gun rights activist Andy Stevens.  Now, we’re hearing about it from Ms. Schloemer.