A Reagan on the ballot in NC-11

As far as we can tell, Christian Reagan is neither part of the family of lawmen featured in the CBS show “Blue Bloods” nor a member of the late president’s family.  But his campaign paraphernalia does borrow greatly from the imagery of the 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns of arguably the nation’s greatest president. 

Incumbent Chuck Edwards has benefited greatly from his friendship with senator Thom Tillis.  Tillis and his henchmen recruited Edwards from the state senate in Raleigh to run against then-incumbent congressman Madison Cawthorn.   Cawthorn’s downfall and Edwards’s ascent to DC benefited greatly from the work of (1) Democrat activist David Wheeler, and (2) a PAC with ties to Tillis funded with cash reportedly misappropriated from a scandal-ridden, now defunct bitcoin exchange.

Govtrack.US, a great resource for tracking Congress and the critters that infest it, has a study showing Edwards’s voting record to the far left of most of his GOP colleagues. 

(The same study shows he doesn’t do nearly as much work as the rest of his colleagues.)

Once again, do your homework before running down to the polls.  Do not let DC and Raleigh pick your representatives for you.  Don’t be fooled by the slick mailers and pretty commercials.

The only way to fix the mess in DC and Raleigh – to teach the weasels a lesson – is to give them a scare on Election Day or send them home altogether.

Sure, many of them will hang their heads, promise to do better, tell you they’re “fighting” for you. Sending them back to DC or Raleigh will not improve a thing.

Chuck Edwards is just one of Thom Tillis’s cronies on the ballot in March.  Here are the others we know of:

John Bradford (NC-08)
Grey Mills (NC-10)
Tim Moore (NC-14)
Catherine Truitt (NC DPI)
Jeff Tarte (auditor)