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SC primary: Can you HEAR us NOW?

          Two South Carolina Republican officials with strong conservative and Tea Party credentials appear to be sending the GOP establishment and the party’s presidential candidates a message.  U.S. Senator Jim DeMint says that the party and its voters need to pay…

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Welcome To The Carolinas

Now that the smoke has cleared in Iowa and New Hampshire, the nation’s eyes are turning just south of me to The Palmetto State. (We, in North Carolina, will get our share of the national spotlight this summer when BarryO and his traveling circus roll…

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Bev booed in Blue Heaven

  I spent Tuesday night, in my usual spot in The Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, watching my beloved Tar Heels dismantle The Miami Hurricanes.  As halftime approached, the P.A. announcer encouraged all of us to remain in our seats at the start…

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Here COMES the judge !!!!

  It looks like the state teacher’s union’s judge-shopping efforts have paid off.  A Wake County Superior Court judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking legislation that ends mandatory automatic teacher paycheck deductions for teacher union dues.   The judge found that the NCAE…

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While the economy crashes and burns, Little George is worried about his condoms

                        We’ve got record unemployment and national debt.  We’re in the midst of a presidential election, with a lot of debates.  People want to know how we’re going to get out of this mess….

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The election year unemployment game

              The New York Times tells us the unemployment problem is going away, and the economy is on the rebound (THANKS to BarryO): The United States added 200,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said Friday, a robust number…

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SC Primary: Romney, Santorum … and JOHN MCCAIN ????

            Three new polls all show Mitt Romney leading The Palmetto State’s GOP primary.  However, the polls all show different results for second and third place: Three polls out Friday morning show Gov. Mitt Romney leading in South Carolina as…

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Pat McCrory’s Mitt Romney Impersonation

          It looks like the scheme by North Carolina Democrats to split conservatives from Pat McCrory  is well-underway.  The North Carolina Democrat Party has launched a parody site raising questions about McCrory.  Now,  reliably leftist Chris Fitzsimon, who works for reliably…

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NC Legislators end union shakedown of teachers; Democrats & media throw major fit

  On the N&O’s front page, there was a full color photo of some large, angry Hillary Clinton lookalikes from the NC Association of Educators (NCAE) holding signs  that said “We will not be silenced.” (I pity their poor husbands.) The N&O posted a video…

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EEOC: requiring an education MAY be discriminatory

            Here comes another example of a federal agency that has outlived its usefulness.  The EEOC was founded with the intention of ending racial and gender discrimination.  Too many politicians are afraid of questioning the agency’s budget or practices —…