#NCSEN Tillis: ObamaCare “a great idea that can’t be paid for”

XGR02-NE-072413-RTWThe media has been trying to pin down senator-wannabe / fulltime cash vacuum Thom Tillis on the issue of ObamaCare. During the early stages of its implementation, the NC legislature was actively debating refusal of federal funds to setup a state exchange.  Tillis and Gov. Pat were both lukewarm to the idea. Tillis was traveling around the state quietly telling business leaders it was not a question of whether we’re going to get ObamaCare, but HOW we implement it.

During breaks in his fundraising orgy, Tillis has tap-danced around the issue of ObamaCare.  He has attacked incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan for her ObamaCare cheerleading.  He has said nice things about Richard Burr’s alternative to ObamaCare.

But state Democrats have dug up a February 6 appearance by Tillis on the Bill LuMaye radio program.

LuMaye compared the idea of the state nullifying ObamaCare to what Washington and  Colorado have done with marijuana laws.  Tillis dismissed the comparison, suggesting that the feds have been ignoring the changes in Colorado and Washington but would not do the same for North Carolina if the state nullified federal mandates on ObamaCare.

During the interview, Tillis describes the health care alternative to ObamaCare introduced by senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr and Orrin Hatch — all three of whom are Tillis supporters and donors — as “a great roadmap.”

Tillis goes on to tell LuMaye that ObamaCare is “not fiscally sustainable”  and that it is “a great idea that can’t be paid for.”