#NCSEN: Thom Thakes Aspen

download (44)Nope.  Aspen is NOT a hamlet in Watauga County.  It’s a Colorado ski resort / playground for Hollywood and the rest of the world’s rich in famous.  Robert Redford hosts a little film festival there every year.

While many other Republican candidates in North Carolina were pressing the flesh at Charlotte-area GOP gatherings this weekend, Thom Tillis was the only GOP Senate candidate to be a no-show.  He was in Aspen schmoozing with a bunch of billionaires who want to re-brand the GOPmore gay marriage and amnesty, less Bible-thumping.   North Carolina Republicans at those Charlotte-area gatherings were treated to Lady Susan in Speaker Thom’s absence. 

Before he left, Speaker Thom defended his trip to reporters.  He said he was attending the Aspen confab because he agreed with the organizers on fiscal policy.   (Does that mean he was not in agreement with those folks in Cabarrus and Union counties this weekend?)  I am *sure* it had nothing to do with the sizable amounts of disposable income those billionaires have.  

aspen-colorado-winter-jobsSo, Tillis has missed at least two more opportunities to meet with — and talk to — actual voters in North Carolina.  Kay Hagan has shown a predisposition for campaigning in Manhattan on Park Avenue with wealthy leftists.  Speaker Thom appears to really enjoy DC and Aspen.

In 2012, Republicans had hoped to use ObamaCare in their effort to make Big Barry a one-termer. So, they nominated someone who enacted pretty much the same thing as governor of Massachusetts.  If Tillis is North Carolina’s 2014 GOP nominee for US Senate , how do we attack Kay Hagan for being aloof and out of touch with average North Carolinians when our guy forsakes the little people in Union and Cabarrus counties for the bright lights and big money of Aspen? 


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  1. “If Tillis is North Carolina’s 2014 GOP nominee for US Senate , how do we attack Kay Hagan for being aloof and out of touch with average North Carolinians when our guy forsakes the little people in Union and Cabarrus counties for the bright lights and big money of Aspen?”


    We don’t anybody. Shhh……be quiet.

    1. Once again Coop stoops to the lowest denominator in comparing Republican primary voter’s ideals to those of Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and Jesse Jackson’s as being similar. Mentioning in a previous post Coop believes that the sex scandals in Tillis office and apartment in Raleigh with married staff and married lobbyists is no big deal. Now Coop believes that cadidates totally ditching the Republican and conservative base is okay too. It’s not.

      There is no difference between Tillis and Kay Hagen, just the skirt. If Tillis won’t pay attention to the people of the state now when he needs us, does anyone think he will listen when he’s locked up in tentacles of the DC elite putting the squeeze on during the 6 year free ride?

      Tillis = Self Serving, profession to take other peoples money both in the private and public sector. Business as usual.

      Brannon = Life’s profession is to care for other’s life and health. He’s a physician.

      Who would you trust more? Brannon all the way.

      1. It just does not appear that the sex scandal is gaining much traction. You don’t even see it over at WRAL. I cannot imagine why the traditional media outlets aren’t covering it intensely. There is nothing like a sex scandal to incite the base of both parties. Even the Libertarians have sex….. probably. Commenting on the sex scandals would give me a boost as I am married to a “good Baptist girl” who pretty much believes all sex, even in marriage, is a sin.

        As the primary heats up so may the steamy sex scandals between lobbyists and staffers.

        That male on male sexual harassment charge in the NC Democratic Party HQ did not even merit much media coverage. I am beginning to think that us North Carolinians are rather prim and proper.

        1. Liberal media frequently holds their fire in primaries against Republicans who will be juicy targets or weak candidates for the party in November. They played the same strategy in the primaries with McCain and Romney as they are now playing with Tilli$. Those issues are on hold for the general election, and they are keeping their fingers crossed they get the general election target they want – Tilli$. It is the same reason that they are quiet now on Tilli$’ repulsive ”pay for play” history. They do not want to blow Tilli$ out of the water now. They want to have their ammunition saved up to do that in the Fall.

          Republican voters are fools if we give them the juicy target they want.

  2. If Thommy is the nominee I will write in Greg Brannon. The only difference between Hagan and Tillis is the color of their pantsuit. I’m done with the libtards in the GOP.

    1. I have heard some suggest a variation of that – writing in for John Rhodes, the conservative legislator that TIlli$ beat in the primary, when Tilli$ was the handpicked candidate of RIchard Morgan in his very first election.

      But we do not need to be defeatists. Tilli$ is so far below the number required to win without a runoff that a runoff is highly likely. Like Ted Cruz, all we need is a runoff and conservatives will unite behind whoever is in it with Tilli$. Tilli$ can be beaten, and the liklihood is that he will be beaten, so please do not give up.

      1. True. But it would be best if Tillis wasn’t the vote leader going into the run-off. 1st place finishers in the first Primary win the run-off election 78% of the time.

  3. Do the work to get your candidate elected. Who ever it turns out to be will get my vote in the general. Want to write in somebody? Try Kay Hagan. Better yet, write in Harry Reid. Sit back and watch further decline, tell yourself there was nothing you could do.

    1. If we had a real Senate GOP leader instead of ”Kentucky Kickback” McConnell who is constantly MIA if not actively on the wrong side on key issues, maybe you would have a much better point. If conservative Matt Bevin take McConnell down in the Kentucky primary, that might put a new light on North Carolina.


  4. I still have Brannon bumper stickers on both cars but don’t see any others. For now, I will side with him .

  5. But in the general we must come together as a united Republican Party and support our primary victor. We will look to the primary victor as our standard bearer and put our faith and confidence in him or her, believing that while standing united we cannot be defeated.

    Petty differences must not keep us from electing another true and noble Republican Senator from North Carolina.

    1. Uniting the Republican Party is something a candidate has to do. It is not done by just having an ”R” by your name. It is done by standing for principles espoused by the party and supported by Republican voters. It is NOT done by taking Democrat positions like supporting amnesty for illegal aliens and green boondoggles like the renewable energy mandate or by saying one thing and doing another on Obamacare.

      Uniting the Republican Party is not done by being in constant attack mode against conservative politicians in other offices, like this:
      http://www.talkingaboutpolitics.com/CommentDiscussionForum/tabid/74/aft/830/Default.aspx Uniting the Republican Party is not done through a history of gerrymandering conservative legislators out of office and promoting longtime liberal Democrat politicians reinvented as ”Republicans” in GOP primaries.

      Uniting the Republican Party is not done by constantly hobnobbing with special interests and liberals, while ignoring the voters of North Carolina by ducking candidate forums.

      It is a candidate’s own record and their own actions which will determine if they can unite the party or not. All but one of those in the GOP US Senate primary are on pretty firm ground here. As to the one which is not, all he has to do is look in a mirror to see the problem he has. It is himself.

      As to voters, if we want to win in November, we should vote for candidates who have demonstrated they are doing the things that can unite the party, not doing the things that divide it.

    2. No, we must not. You can, but I will never vote for another Tillis, McCrory, Dole, McCain, Bush, Burr, Graham, McConnell or Boehner type candidate again. I wised up to their charades.

      As Raphael mentioned, writing in John Rhodes if Thilli$ is the nominee against Madame Sock Puppet is a stellar idea.

    3. Not Tillis under any circumstances primary or general. The sooner the GOP melts away, under the influences of Karl Rove the better. They’re equally as culpable as the D’s. They’re dealing the same crack cocaine as the D’s and Tootin’ Thom is dealing the product on the street for his pimps. His pimps pay him well and every once in a while they let him sample the product if he behaves. He’s a follower not a leader.

    4. I’m sorry Coop but that’s what the GOP has always said. We are sick of doing the same thing over and over hoping for a different result. It’s time to change our strategy. I will not vote for another neo-con Republican who will then take us to the cleaners in DC. We already have a boat load of them including Burr, the entire GOP leadership and half the GOP on the state level. Not this time! I’ll vote Brannon because of his understanding of limited government. I won’t vote Tilli$ because of his record! Not in the primary nor in the general election. If we’re going to get screwed I’d rather it be openly than behind closed doors like the GOP have been doing.

  6. “I’ve never been able to understand why a Republican contributor is a ‘fat cat’ and a Democratic contributor of the same amount of money is a ‘public-spirited philanthropist’.”

    Ronald Reagan

    1. The issue here is not about them being ”fat cats” but being liberals on key policies. Republican voters do not want a nominee who is bought and paid for liberals on key issues. Tilli$ has already demonstrated that he is for sale. Look at his positions on amnesty for illegal aliens and on green energy boondoggles like the renewable energy mandate. Tilli$ is trying to be the best politician that money can buy, and he is willing to abandon Republican principles and become an undocumented Democrat to do that. Excuse me while I throw up.

  7. Electing Tillis means having someone at least as bad as Burr. How’s that working out?

    Does anyone remember Carrol Quigley and what he said in “Tragedy and Hope”? “The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy”.

    Are we there yet?

  8. Is this event a GOP event or is it an Aspen Institute event. The Aspen Institute is the institute that trains the new globalist elite to rule over the common man while convincing him that they are wise men who know what’s best for you. Why is it that representatives of the people must now be trained by globalist institutions. Please no replies with the cliche “because we’re a global society…”

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