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NC Drive By Media 101: Show your stupid liberal butt all over social media

WRAL — home to our “special” pal Binky and Miz Lezlie — likes to trumpet some quote from their founder about sticking to the facts and telling the truth, yadda yadda yadda.  But we’re starting to learn that Binky and Miz Leslie don’t heed ol’…

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Greg Fishel knows ‘crap’

Leftists work hard to politicize EVERYTHING.  I get hit with their lectures during ANY ESPN broadcast.  The NFL is getting totally politicized this season with the whole kneeling nonsense.  Now, here comes WRAL’s Greg Fishel to lecture us troglodytes who went to frat parties, met…

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WHY is it OK for Dave Matthews Band to get a UNC professor, but not for the Koch Brothers?

Gene Nichol gets paid six figures of our money PER YEAR for what appears to be no more than writing a bunch of angry hard-left op-eds for The N&O.   He makes it a point of IDing himself as The Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor of…

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#ncpol: N&O, Roy Cooper’s crime lab get their day(s) in court

We told you it was coming.  Now, it’s here: Three News & Observer employees and a former staffer were questioned in Wake County Superior Court on Friday about their role in a 2010 article that is the subject of a libel trial. It was the…

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Lyin’ Binky, The Crooked AP, and FERTILE GROUND FOR THE KKK?

Here’s ol’ Empty-Head himself on Twitter: Yep.  Promoting MORE leftist propaganda with a photo of an event proven absolutely to be a fraud.  The Round Rev and his posse held a rally in front of a bunch of these boxes allegedly full of petitions calling…

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#ncpol: Binky gets a little hinky with crime lab facts

Laura Leslie had an attack of honesty not too long ago — when she admitted that the HB2 “losses” were really not that big of a deal to North Carolina’s economy.  We’re still waiting for her sidekick Binky to be introduced to spin-free, honest reporting….

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#ncpol: Educating ‘Lieutenant Linda’

Wouldn’t it be nice if the drive bys fact-checked and interrogated Democrat candidates like they do Republicans?  (We can all dream, can’t we?)  The Asheville Citizen-Times’s Mark Barrett was standing by, with his pencil sharpened, ready to take dictation for Linda Coleman, the Democrat making…

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Consolidation, layoffs at N&O, CharO: Time for the flat-line, last rites?

I keep getting hit with e-mails offering bargain basement deals for subscriptions to The Raleigh News & Observer.  The number of people I know who actually admit to reading the Charlotte or Raleigh papers on a daily basis seems to be dwindling by the day….

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A drive by media confession: HB2 protests really NOT hurting NC economy

I’ll admit I did quite a spectacular spit-take when I read THIS.  (Editors Note: What a waste of good scotch.)    The drive by media has been an echo chamber, for months now, of liberal activists’ and Democrat politicians’ claims  that HB2 is creating an economic…

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#ncpol: Newton shows ’em HOW IT IS DONE.

Colin Campbell took a break from his quest for genitalia to check out a Trump rally: Speaking at a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in Greenville, Republican attorney general candidate Buck Newton got some audience feedback on his critique of current attorney general Roy Cooper:…