Accepting The Results

Will you accept that Hillary beat you, and move on? 

160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169THAT is the question the drive by media is peppering Donald Trump with THREE WEEKS out from the election.  Of course, it came up in last night’s debate.  When Trump refused to take the bait, Chris Wallace — ever the bitchy little chihuaha — started shrieking about “peaceful transition of power” and stuff like that.  As though Trump is the incumbent with control of the military and the rest of the national security apparatus. 

It’s funny THAT issue is being pushed at Republicans.  Democrats are the last ones on record as not accepting the results of a presidential race.  Anyone remember 2000? 

It looked like George W. Bush had lost the popular vote, but had won the electoral votes.  The Gore campaign and the Democrats screamed bl2cool4schooloody murder and lawyered up.  Gore held off on conceding while things got debated in the Florida AND US Supreme Courts.  We had the sitting VP of the US dragging his feet on the question of leaving office.  You know, the whole “peaceful transfer of power” thingie.  

Even after things were settled in Bush’s favor, the Democrats were sore losers.  Leftist groups protested at the inaugural parade. Democrats questioned the legitimacy of the Bush presidency throughout his first term.

God, I hate these liars.

2 thoughts on “Accepting The Results

  1. Every American regardless of their political affiliation should watch James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas voter fraud videos. Maybe even spend some time actually reading for yourselves the Wikileaks emails if you dare. If you have a scintilla of a conscience or even care for this country the tinest bit, they should, at a minimum, give you pause. We, the People, are being played by the elites. And sadly, tragically the Democrat foot soldiers, the little guys STILL don’t get it. Tragic.

  2. It is very premature to be saying whether the election results should be accepted or not. We need to wait to see what happens election day before we can say the elections have or have not been kosher. It is all just speculation at this point.

    The Democrats have certainly maneuvered everything into place to cheat if they decide to, so one must assume they are keeping their options open to do so. They made a major assault around the country in front of leftwing Obama judges on one of the most effective safeguards against voter fraud, and that is Voter Photo ID laws. They have largely taken those out for this election on very frivolous grounds. These lawsuits were funded by former WWII Nazi collaborator and present leftwing radical billionaire George Soros, the same George Soros who funded the voter registration fraud organization ACORN a few elections ago. If Soros is involved in something, it generally reeks of fraud. Hillary Clinton has also hired an illegal alien to head her Hispanic Get-Out-the-Vote effort, so it would appear that she may be seeking to vote illegals on election day.

    There have also been incidents like the Democrat operative in Virginia who was caught turning in 19 voter registration forms for dead people.

    Trump is correct that we need to be vigilant on election day for fraud, but we do not yet know for certain that the Democrats will pull the trigger on their fraud machine. We need to be ready and we need to call them out if they do.

    When the leftwing media gets in such a tizzy over this subject, we have to remember that they are in the tank for the Democrats, and perhaps this is an example of Shakespeare’s line that ”the lady doth protest too much”. Why would they be raising such a stink if they did not comprehend that there is at least a fair chance that widespread cheating will go on, and they want to go on the defense early?

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