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NC-02: Renee says Hooray for P3s

The 2nd district incumbent penned an op-ed for The Sanford Herald praising public-private partnerships. Now, she’s applauding Gov. Pat McCrory, a fellow Republican, for his promotion of public-private partnerships:      Hmmm. I wonder what her primary opponent, Frank Roche, thinks about public-private partnerships?  

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NC-02: Randolph Tea Party endorses Roche over Ellmers

The Republican primary challenger to Renee Ellmers has picked up another key endorsement in the Tar Heel State’s Second Congressional District.  The Randolph County Tea Party has spoken its piece about the important May 6 race: “Beyond a doubt, Frank is the most qualified Congressional…

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NC-02: The Frank & Binky Show (Where’s Renee?)

WRAL’s “On The Record” television program tried to provide a well-balanced look at the upcoming 2nd district primary.  Jim Goodmon, Inc. had David Crabtree, Laura Leslie and Binky decked out in their Sunday best to try and get to the bottom of the whole thing….

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Ellmers: Support Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

She’s raised conservative ire over her positions on defunding ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal aliens.  Now, Ms. Ellmers is stirring the pot by praising the concept of public-private partnerships.  We’ve heard a lot about public private partnerships (P3s) from state House speaker Thom Tillis when…

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NC-09: Pittenger following Ellmers playbook on ObamaCare, amnesty

Things are going so, um, *well* for Renee Ellmers over here in NC-02 that congressman Robert Pittenger is following her lead on two of this season’s most explosive, controversial issues. Pittenger made national news when he was caught on video ridiculing and rebuking senator Ted…

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NC-02: Name-calling, no seating & tardiness. (Oh, my.) An amnesty showdown at Renee’s office

I wish Renee Ellmers had shown as much devotion to fighting ObamaCare and cutting the size of government as she has to promoting amnesty for illegal aliens.  Every survey I’ve seen shows ObamaCare and the economy as the top concerns on voters’ minds, but Ellmers…

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NC-02: Pro-Amnesty group launches ad campaign to defend Ellmers

A leading pro-amnesty group — founded by several tech industry giants who donate a lot to liberal causes — is coming to the defense of North Carolina congresswoman Renee Ellmers. “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is delivering a political beating to the reelection effort of the Second…

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NC-02: Renee wants us to buy her a museum

It’s been a colorful, fun-filled week for Second district congresswoman Renee Ellmers. She lost badly in an on-air tussle with nationally-syndicated conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. In retaliation, Renee hooked up with a pro-amnesty group to target Ms. Ingraham and her show. On Saturday, it…

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NC-02: Ellmers targets Laura Ingraham after on-air amnesty meltdown

Some people JUST don’t know when to shut up.   Congresswoman Renee Ellmers got her posterior roughed up a wee bit by nationally-syndicated conservative radio host Laura Ingraham today.  Ingraham chastised the North Carolina Republican for regurgitating liberal pro-amnesty talking points and ignoring cold, hard…

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NC-02: Renee picks ANOTHER ill-advised fight

Mark Twain was credited with this piece of wisdom: “Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”   If Mr. Clemens were alive today, I am sure he would amend that quote to include people with widely-read blogs or national radio…