NC-09: Pittenger following Ellmers playbook on ObamaCare, amnesty

pittengerThings are going so, um, *well* for Renee Ellmers over here in NC-02 that congressman Robert Pittenger is following her lead on two of this season’s most explosive, controversial issues.

Pittenger made national news when he was caught on video ridiculing and rebuking senator Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund ObamaCare. A Pittenger aide even took to Facebook to mock the Texas senator.  The Charlotte Republican has also apparently signed on to the Boehner-Obama effort to pass federal amnesty legislation.

download (52)FWD.US, a pro-amnesty Super PAC led by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has praised Pittenger for his leadership in paving the way toward amnesty for illegal aliens.  An interview with McClatchy confirmed Pittenger’s sympathy for the immigration views of Ellmers, Boehner and Obama.

Pittenger’s views on amnesty and ObamaCare have helped earn him a primary challenge from Tea Party activist and Charlotte-area businessman Mike Steinberg.  Steinberg’s views on ObamaCare mirror those of Senator Cruz and North Carolina US Senate candidate Greg Brannon. 

ALIPAC –  a national anti-amnesty group – has issued an endorsement of Steinberg in the May 2014 NC-09 GOP primary for US House.

11 thoughts on “NC-09: Pittenger following Ellmers playbook on ObamaCare, amnesty

  1. Look, I don’t like it any more than you. But here’s the deal… it’s gonna be amnesty. Not enough buses to send ’em “home” in our lifetime, and no agency in DC can handle 13 million complex applications for anything. It’s gonna the same conditions that lead Reagan to do amnesty.

    The best we can do is hold off for a deal that assures us that we won’t do this again in another 15-20 years.

    And any politicians who claims “no amnesty” is lying, and either they’re too stupid to know they’re lying, or they’re just saying whatever people want to hear. I’m fed up with that — would rather hear the truth. For a change. From both parties.

    1. That is a very defeatist attirude – in fact a surrender monkey attitude. Reagan had the wool pulled over his eyes by liberals, and we know where that leads. We do not need to go there again, and we need to defeat any politician who wants to, Democrat or RINO.

      There are solutions that do not involve giving up and surrendering on the rule of law. One is the attrition by enforcement promoted by Numbers USA. Another is empowering states to take robust actions to assist in the process of identifying the illegals and making them go home. Cracking down very hard on their ability to work or even rent a place to live is another option.

      They arrived over a period of time, so the process of removing them can also go over a period of time. The Soviets moved millions of Germans at the end of WWII from Silesia, East and West Prussia, and most of Pomerania to central Germany and at the same time moved milliions of Poles from the eastern third of Poland to the areas of eastern Germany cleared of Germans. Logistically, it can be done. Also, at about the same time, the US in Operation Keelhaul and related operations, rounded up millions of anti-communist refugees in areas under US Army control and delivered them in boxcars to Stalin. I would much rather see the US rounding up illegal Mexican interlopers than the war crime that Truman committed to those anti-communist refugees. At least the Mexican government is not going to torture and shoot the people delivered like Stalin did.

      But the important thing is that a properly done crackdown can cause them to self deport. When Arizona passed its laws to crack down on illegal aliens, they started leaving the state in droves.

      A politician who has ”no amnesty” is a patriot. A politician who supports amnesty is as much of a traitor as Benedict Arnold.

      What part of ”illegal” and the ”rule of law” do you not understand or not accept?

      1. I agree completely. There are a couple other aspects to this. First is US sovereignty. The country is done if another mass amnesty and the kind of immigration scam like the Gang-of-8 bill becomes law. It will be irreversible. We will have 20 million?…..30 million?…..40 million newly legalized immigrants who will bring in another 100 million or more relatives within 10-15 or so years, most voting for socialist big government policies. You can forever kiss constitutional government good-bye. Second is the impact of massively expanding legal immigration on wages and employment for Americans, at all skill levels. The intention of the proposed bills is to drive wages down on all fronts. You don’t have corporatists like Zuckerberg spending $100 million for no long-term payoff. This CANNOT go through.

    2. “Busses” isnt the only alternative to amnesty/pathways/citizenship – it’s absolutely not viable.

      And, you dont have to “process” anyone who’s willfully making the decision every day to break the rules.

    3. USCIS opposes amnesty for the reason they gave. They dont have the resources to process 12 million illegals and give them some sort of special card. It takes resources away from legal immigrants applicants.

      Rewarding 12 million illegals is a bad idea. We will have a constant flow of 2 million illegals per year crossing. Whatever the current flow is across the border it will double or triple. There was a huge surge in the late 1980’s after the 86 amnesty.

      Doing nothing would be better. The reason the illegal population stayed around 12 million is because we blocked amnesty in 2007. If amnesty was passed then the situation would have got worse not flatlined.

      Arizona has less of an illegal problem than NC does. Enforce the laws and 10%, 20% or 30% of illegals will leave the state. Let them disperse if they want. Lindsey Graham wants some of them. Lamar Alexander seems to like them and so do the RINOS in the TN state senate who want to give them tuition. Governor McAuliffe and O’Malley want some more illegals. Rick Scott wants some more of them and so does Cuomo.

    4. Take away all government benefits from illegals and they will start to move out. Fine businesses for each infraction of hiring the criminals. Where in the Constitution does it say that a person born in this country with illegal parents gets automatic citizenship.
      A third party is now necessary. The Republican Party has given up in trying to save our Constitutional Republic.

      1. Given up? Perhaps. I prefer to see it as “reality”. Some things are reality and no amount wishful thinking or focus-group buzz words will change that.

        Kinda like when I pointed out to Dems circa 2008 that we were NOT leaving Afghanistan, NOT gonna close Gitmo, and NOT gonna “prosecute war criminals” ’cause that was NOT in the cards.

        You’re gonna vote for someone who ends up “lying” to you. Take your pick — wait, I see that you have.

        1. Candidates who lie to you are the ones who flip flop their positions, like Marco Rubio, Renee Ellmers, Thom Tillis, or Robert Pittenger. They are liars and need to be defeated in their primaries.

          Solid patriotic conservatives who stand firm against this invasion of our country by the illegal aliens are the ones we need to support.

  2. We need more principled and constitutional conservatives in D.C. like Greg Brannon and Mike Steinberg who follow the rule of law and will not support amnesty, Obamacare, more debt, etc. To see these two men in D.C. defending our constitution would be a dream come true. The Boehner, Pelosi, Tillis and Pittenger types of reps need to be stopped and replaced — it’s our duty to elect people who will be true public servants and courageously defend our constitution. See for more info on Mike Steinberg.

  3. In 1986 we implemented the amnesty that was to end all amnesties. With any agreement there are conditions to be upheld by both sides. Conservatives immediately upheld their end by allowing the amnesty, but the other side did not uphold their end by securing the border and enforcing our laws. Yes, we were betrayed.

    Twenty eight years later we have a situation where our national government many times doesn’t even bother to lie; they just enforce laws they like and ignore laws they don’t like. Yes, we have a treasonous gangster government.

    Further, our government is oozing with so much corruption that they are completely inept. Congress does not have the will to defend its own constitutional powers, while the President and the Courts are gobbling up powers they do not have under the Constitution.

    Unfortunately, we now seem to have reached a place where laws and policies are implemented against the will of the people with little or no pretense to the contrary. With this scenario, are we really expected to go along with another amnesty deal? As for me: No deal. As for me: No confidence. As for me: Just no.

    A long time ago I gave an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies both foreign and domestic. I meant it then and that solemn oath didn’t expire with my enlistment time. For me there is no more voting for the best of the worst. I will only vote for candidates that will not compromise our constitution and the principles it represents. I will in no way support treason.

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