Ellmers: Support Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

ELLMERS_RShe’s raised conservative ire over her positions on defunding ObamaCare and amnesty for illegal aliens.  Now, Ms. Ellmers is stirring the pot by praising the concept of public-private partnerships.  We’ve heard a lot about public private partnerships (P3s) from state House speaker Thom Tillis when it comes to expanding roads in the Charlotte area.  Earlier this month, Governor Pat McCrory keynoted a major regional conference on public-private partnerships in Charlotte.  This week, in the Sanford Herald, Ellmers is praising the idea of P3s in public education.  

Some may praise the idea of bringing the ideals of private enterprise into the operations of government.  The other side of the argument can point to P3s’ potential for spawning crony capitalism.  Also, the entire concept of partnering government and business appears to teeter on the boundary of fascism.

Ellmers faces off against college professor and radio host Frank Roche of Cary in May’s GOP primary.  The winner of that contest is likely to face off against former state commerce secretary Keith Crisco or pop singer Clay Aiken in November.


13 thoughts on “Ellmers: Support Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

  1. Ellmers can not defeat Clay Aiken if he is on the ballot in November. Her voters will stay home and she will lose. Roche can defeat Aiken in the general election if Aiken is on the ballot. Aiken is a serious campaigner and contender. He will not be a serious congressman. If NC elects Aiken to congress I will be ashamed.

    1. If Aken wins in 2016 a conservative will reclaim the seat after an open primary. Better 8 years of conservative rule from 2016-2024 than 10 years of RINO rule from 2014-2024. I wonder how many voters have voted for both of them at some point in other primaries.

      1. You do not seem to understand. Mrs Ellmers will not bring the votes in 2014 to sustain her district in a General Election. She had to be given a whole new District for 2012 just to keep her in office. When you nominate her, then you will elect the American Joke in November. Believe me now or hate me later, you will see. We do have a chance to sidestep the pitfall though and replace her in May. It is our best hope. Our only hope really.

      2. Renee Ellmers is little more than Etheridge in a skirt. She is a liberal Big Government Republican, who differs little with Nancy Pelosi and Big Government Democrats.

        Ellmers has run off the GOP base to the point, that if we want to keep the seat Republican, it is critical that we nominate Frank Roche. Otherwise, the base will sit this race out. A choice between a documented Democrat and an undocumented Democrat is no choice at all.

        Of course, I guess this recent result in Pennsylvania might inspire another option, if disaster strikes and Renegade Renee is renominated:


  2. We used to call it crony capitalism, which, like amnesty, I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce supports. Aiken probably has gay marriage as his agenda.

  3. Public-Private Partnerships have become the mainstay of modern-day republicanism, whether it’s in the Governor’s Commerce Department or in the back-room deals at the Legislature. Whether it is called “crony capitalism” or corporate fascism, the results will be the same.
    Like a broken watch, they will be able to point out a couple of successes from time to time but the overall economy will continue to stagnate. All the more reason for independents and conservatives to abandon political parties, as we know them today, and work within the system as individuals.When they are right, we join them, When they are not, we oppose them or walk away.

    1. Not of all Republicans, but only of establishment Republicans, a/k/a big government Republicans.

  4. Yes, she’s bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce. If she is one the Public Private Partnership bandwagon, especially for education, she has to be supporting Common Core. Ellmers needs to go

  5. I created a website about public private partnerships so that citizens would know what the ruling political elite of both parties are doing and what is wrong with P3s. They are not privatization — it is using taxpayer money to give corporations control over the public and creating government-sanctioned monopolies. Pittenger, Pelosi, Tillis, Obama and McCrory are other politicians pushing P3s. See http://www.p3times.com.

    1. Excellent. One prime example of PPP was the Trans-Texas Corridor, a super toll road to be built and run by a Spanish company, that was to be built from the Mexican border to Kansas City, but also had other branches planned that ran all over the country and up into Canada. I would expect some of the planned highways through NC are extensions of the TTC. The purpose of the TCC was to move goods from China coming into Mexican ports up through Mexico, into the US and then Canada. The highway was to be 10 football fields wide and include rail and conduits for oil and other fuels. It was to bisect the US, with only limited off ramps for accessing local communities. The ‘smart port’ in Kansas City was to be given to Mexico as their sovereign territory. Talk about nightmares. This all went underground a few years ago due to the huge backlash, but I assume is still being quietly implemented by being re-named, etc.

  6. There is very little left of our Republic due to fascism and other forms of corporate involvement in government, and our Nation is soon to learn the consequences. This is due to International Investment Banking and corrupt politicians colluding to establish a one world government with America as the military arm. Currently Foreign investment in American land is growing by leaps and bounds. The P3 program is part of U.N. Agenda 21 and the most powerful tool in use to destroy our Republic. Republican’s either get educated by reading the political history of America at http://anationbeguiled.com and http://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com or lose the last chance to return our government to protecting freedom first last and always. FREE ENTERPRISE AND FASCISM DO NOT MIX!

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