NC-09: Shut up. Lay back. And Enjoy it. (BOHICA)

pittengerThat appears to have been the predominant theme from this weekend’s Mecklenburg GOP hootenanny.  The powers-that-be pushed through a measure banning any kind of resolutions dealing with issues. Why, you ask?  Thom Tillis crony and state representative Bill Brawley offered up a clue:

[…] For example, under the proposed rules, the MeckGOP couldn’t pass a resolution condemning the culture of corruption witnessed with former Mayor Patrick Cannon this week.

Speaking in opposition to Love’s proposed amendment was State Representative Bill Brawley who suggested he didn’t like receiving conflicting resolutions from various County GOPs. He thought it more prudent for all of the GOP to have a single voice and only work through the State Party.[…]

download (60)Hmmm.  I bet Vladimir Putin has issued similar edicts. 

The real fun of the night occurred out in one of the hallways.  Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) was confronted by his Tea Party-affiliated primary opponent Mike Steinberg:


Mike Steinberg, Pittenger’s opponent in the May 6 9th District primary, had criticized the congressman for voting to end last fall’s government shutdown. Pittenger was one of 87 Republicans voting with House GOP leaders and most Democrats to end the shutdown, despite the fact that meant continued funding for the Affordable Care Act.

In a hallway outside, a reporter asked Pittenger to respond. He was defending his conservative credentials when Steinberg came up.

“You voted for Obamacare,” Steinberg said.

“I voted to end a senseless gimmick,” Pittenger replied.

“You voted for Obamacare, just say it,” Steinberg said.

“I voted to end a senseless shutdown of the federal government,” Pittenger shot back.

The argument continued. At one point, Steinberg asked Pittenger whether he would debate him in public.

“You seek to distort the facts; that’s the game you play,” Pittenger said as he walked away.

Earlier, Pittenger told delegates he had voted to change or defund Obamacare 20 times.

“Steinberg and other Republicans should focus on defeating (Sen.) Kay Hagan and winning the Senate,” Pittenger said in a subsequent email. “Then we have opportunity for policy change. It was the right cause but ill-fated and poor strategy from the beginning.”[…]

Gotta love that logic.  Anybody remember the House Democrats (1980-86) going along with the GOP senate and GOP White House? So, we throw out the whole limited government thing because Harry Reid won’t play nice? 

Oh, by the way.  HERE is what Pittenger actually said. 

QUESTION: “Here’s what the Tea Party wants to know… Are you going to vote with [Sen. Mike]  Mike Lee — and Meadows here to defund ObamaCare? Yes, or No?” […]

Pittenger:  NO.

Nothing about a “senseless gimmick” there.

Also, a Pittenger aide took to Facebook to ridicule Senator Ted Cruz for his defund efforts.  (No indication out there that the aide has been reprimanded or fired.)

Pittenger and his GOP colleagues have their chairman’s gavels and their majority status because they told the voters they would fight ObamaCare tooth-and-nail.  And the voters believed them. 

10 thoughts on “NC-09: Shut up. Lay back. And Enjoy it. (BOHICA)

  1. Authoritarian top-down politics like those imposed on the Meck GOP are going to lead to conservatives countering with solutions like this:

    When the establishment wants to play power bully, then they are going to end up seeing conservatives playing somewhere else. It is much better to have an open party, run from the bottom-up that appreciates conservative participation and input.

  2. Wait….
    A Rule change takes a Vote of the Delegates…. So the Majority of the room Voted for the change in the Rules? If so that is how it goes. I heard about 80 delegates attend the Meck Convention. So AC Love didn’t have 40 friends in the room? Rookie mistake …..

    Who won the straw poll in Meck?

    1. Heavy handed rules stink whether they get the votes to ram them through or not. I have never heard of rules that heavy handed imposed at any GOP convention I have ever heard of in North Carolina. The report of the Rules Committee only takes a simple majority to impose the rule, so this would come within what is known as the Tyranny of the Majority.

      The most telling thing is that Tilli$ voted for it, and this is par for the course. Tilli$ continually thumbs his nose at the grassroots, like ducking candidate forums, the most recent one at this weekend’s Conservative Leadership Conference. He does not care to listen to the grassroots, only to the special interests and their PAC’s. But that’s okay because a lot of grassroots Republicans are going to thumb their nose at Tilli$ in the primary, and if we get stuck with him as the nominee, many of them will thumb their nose at him again in November. His Arrogance, King Tilli$ will only have himself to blame when conservatives fail to vote for him. This behavior in a prospective Senator is just unacceptable.

  3. There was no straw poll. It was cancelled at the last minute. And yes, silly me for not spending 6 months organizing to stop a rules change that no one but Warren Cooksey knew about until 15 minutes before the convention started (since the proposed rules changes were not publicized until then). Guess I better “step up my game.”

  4. Did they get the 2/3 vote? Voice? Did someone call Division? Was their a head count?

    If they got the vote so be it. Next year make sure everyone goes…. Rules are rules and that is why the 2/3 is required it is very hard to change them….

    80 People is really low…

    Wake Convention is Tonight I heard last week 560 paid delegates so far. Someone told me Brannon team hasn’t even paid yet and that is his home county WTH…. They have not heard a word from the Brannon campaign.

    1. Staying home is a bad idea, There are always some good candidates in some races worth voting for. If there is a race where neither candidate is worth voting for, then it is better to just leave that one blank or write in someone else in that race. That at least sends a message.

  5. Please help us support Mike Steinberg to replace RINO Robert Pittenger. Mike is a Constitutional Conservative who will ALWAYS vote to defund Obamacare, stop warrantless spying on Americans and lower the federal debt. We need all hands on deck to stop the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Please donate any amount. Every bit adds up.

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