NC-02: Ellmers targets Laura Ingraham after on-air amnesty meltdown

renee_ellmers_APSome people JUST don’t know when to shut up.  

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers got her posterior roughed up a wee bit by nationally-syndicated conservative radio host Laura Ingraham today.  Ingraham chastised the North Carolina Republican for regurgitating liberal pro-amnesty talking points and ignoring cold, hard facts.  Ellmers labeled Ingraham’s position as “ignorant.”

Well, not long after getting off the air, it appears Ellmers hooked up with a pro-amnesty group to try and put some heat on the radio host — as retribution for the on-air beatdown.  Renee upped the ante in this squabble by taking to Twitter to criticize — no, let’s call it what it is, mischaracterize and basically lie about — Ingraham:Snip20140313_2


If you listen to the audio of the interview,  you will learn that Ingraham said NO SUCH THING.  Ingraham actually criticized Ellmers and her fellow “immigration reformers” for insinuating at a recent immigration policy forum that Ellmers’ constituents were LAZY and that immigrants were needed to pick up the slack. 

As I said before, absolutely NOTHING GOOD can come from picking a fight with a popular conservative figure when you are a Republican running in a Republican-leaning jurisdiction.  I bet Frank Roche understands that. 

8 thoughts on “NC-02: Ellmers targets Laura Ingraham after on-air amnesty meltdown

  1. It was a good interview and Ellmers sounded like a left wing liberal. If only Laura was as tough with Ditch McConnell. Does McConnell use his millions to pay off radio stations for support?

  2. Renee Ellmers is a liberal and an extreme embarassment to North Carolina. She needs to be eviscerated in her primary.

  3. I hate to say it but we backed Renee to the hilt in her bid against Bob Ethridge. Thus far Renee have gone back on every campaign promise she made. She campaigned heavily on repealing the ACA. Not she simply wants to put a big R on it and call it fixed. She campaigned on getting a grip on illegal immigration. We see where she has gone on that. I said it when she first got to Washington and was given committee chairs for which she was not qualified and got softball interviews on the major networks, that she had sold out and was immediately owned by the Neo-con leadership. Looks like it’s the truth. Good luck to Frank Roche.

    1. I knew she was gone within the first few months….doing drive-by visits to town meetings without taking any questions. Telling constituents what the Republicans were going to do for us, etc. Abruptly cancelling scheduled phone calls or meetings repeatedly with constituents, including some who went to DC to meet with her. Seriously – this broad makes me want to gag.

  4. I cringed while listening to how stridently off-base Ellmers was on that show, but I did chuckle at the idea of her thinking for herself and not just taking her walking orders from her higher ups.

    There is absolutely zero reason to have this person still in a Congressional office – really hope she gets tossed.

  5. I agree with all that was said plus i also supported Ellmers and gave money to her for her election and i was not in her district at that time she is a sellout and this I could see early on she has to go

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