NC-02: Pro-Amnesty group launches ad campaign to defend Ellmers

download (57)A leading pro-amnesty group — founded by several tech industry giants who donate a lot to liberal causes — is coming to the defense of North Carolina congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is delivering a political beating to the reelection effort of the Second District congresswoman.  She had a high-profile on-air confrontation with nationally-syndicated conservative radio host Laura Ingraham.  Ellmers followed that up with attacking Ingraham on Twitter and enlisting backup from pro-amnesty ImmigrationWorks. 

Americans For A Conservative Direction (ACD)  is a subsidiary of FWD.US — a PAC founded by a group of tech industry giants including Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. The group supports pushing “comprehensive immigration reform” through the Congress, and tries to support Republicans and Democrats who share their agenda. 

ACD appears to be coming to Ellmers’ rescue:

  Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) is getting a boost on air from the conservative arm of the Mark Zuckerberg-backed group advocating an overhaul of the immigration system.

The radio and television ads from Americans for a Conservative Direction come after a contentious interview last week with Ellmers by radio host Laura Ingraham, who accused the second-term lawmaker of parroting liberal talking points in her defense of immigration reform. The initial ad buy is $150,000 and could be increased, according to a source familiar with the buy.


The pair of ads, which will go on air for 10 days starting Tuesday, refer to Ellmers as a “conservative fighter for North Carolina.” The ads open by saying that she backed a balanced budget amendment, favored cutting government spending and worked to protect key military bases in her district, then launch into a defense of her stance on immigration reform.


Advocates of reform have long viewed Ellmers as a gettable vote on immigration overhaul efforts in Congress. She penned an op-ed in the Fayetteville Observer outlining her position, which includes an “earned legal status” for undocumented immigrants that could be obtained by paying fines, admitting to breaking the law and having their identities identified.

Those stances have earned her a challenger, Frank Roche, in North Carolina’s May 6 primary.[…]


9 thoughts on “NC-02: Pro-Amnesty group launches ad campaign to defend Ellmers

  1. This is really telling. Ellmers is being supported by a false flag organization of counterfeit conservatives. Bill Gates has long contributed to liberal causes, as had Mark Zuckerburg. Both were Obama supporters. Now they fund a false front that calls itself ”Americans for a Conservative Direction”. They are as phony as a three peso bill, and so is ”Renegade Renee” Ellmers.

    Ellmers has gone beyond being a mouthpiece for the beltway GOP establishment. Now is he making common cause with outright liberals.

    The mask is off of Renee Ellmers. She very badly needs to be defeated. We do not need Mark Zuckerburg’s poodle in the US Congress.

  2. Roy Williams, UNC basketball coach, is out promoting Obamascam. Perhaps he could help Ellmer by pushing for amnesty? Just walk away Renee.

    1. I heard the radio ads by ‘Americans for Conservative Direction’, the Soros funded group. It claims Ellmers is a border security hawk.

      Well, I looked to see if in fact she has co-sponsored ANY immigration enforcement or border security bills in this Congress……NOPE! Not one. What lies.

  3. Renee’s name should be added to the TAR AND FEATHER list. I pray a curse upon her, her cause and all of her supporters. Be it damned be it so we see you fall lose you all.

  4. I don’t think the ads will help. It would have helped Ellmers deception if she said nothing about immigration.

    “Only after this legal work status is obtained can individuals have the
    opportunity to begin the naturalization process – if that is their
    choice.” She wrote an oped. This sounds like a pathway to citizenship. Even guys like Kevin McCarthy are at least pretending they will only give them work permits which is just as bad making them eligible for welfare and other things that legal Nationals do.

  5. “Let’s look at it from a law enforcement perspective alone,” Ellmers said.

    Sheriff Sam Page was at the FAIR immigration event attacking open borders. What does Ellmers want to do with the illegals once they get their work permit. Put ankle bracelets on them so they can be tracked if they find something serious on their record.

    “North Carolina has the second-busiest drug trafficking route in the South, after the region around Atlanta.

    “We can’t have open borders,” Sheriff Page said.”

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