NC-02: Renee says Hooray for P3s

The 2nd district incumbent penned an op-ed for The Sanford Herald praising public-private partnerships. Now, she’s applauding Gov. Pat McCrory, a fellow Republican, for his promotion of public-private partnerships: 




Hmmm. I wonder what her primary opponent, Frank Roche, thinks about public-private partnerships?


5 thoughts on “NC-02: Renee says Hooray for P3s

  1. Those who favor a larger government fear the public-private partnerships because they fear the size and scope of the government will decrease.

    1. The core of the classical fascist theory of economics was to leave business in technical private ownership but subject to government micromanagement. Public Private Partnerships just seem like a new twist on this theory. So, for that matter, is the regulatory control by the Obama regime.

  2. PPPs do increase the size and scope of government by interjecting government control and tax dollars into what should be private enterprises. They also reduce competition, chose winners, bestow favor on some after taking from others, and reduce efficiency. Regardless of the propaganda spread by McCrory or Ellmers, the PPP model is detrimental to a individual liberty and expands the size and scope of government. Most public private entities are pushed and controlled by organizations with a far greater agenda than presented.

  3. PPP sure worked well for Hitler. What could possibly go wrong with anointing cronies to take care of the Nation and State’s business? Hey, it’s for the people.

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