Could VA-GOP brouhaha blow back onto NCGOP?

gopelephantUS House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)’s primary opponent is calling for an investigation of the Virginia GOP’s new executive director.  Why?  Apparently, the new ED’s consulting firm is on Cantor’s payroll:

David Brat, the long-shot challenger to Congressman Eric Cantor (R-VA) in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, is demanding an investigation into the new executive director of the Virginia Republican party, Shaun Kenney, after it was revealed Kenney’s consulting firm is now on Cantor’s payroll.

“If Eric Cantor’s campaign or any of his affiliates has hired Shaun Kenney’s consulting firm, any pretense of fairness in the upcoming Seventh District Congressional Race is diminished,” Brat wrote in a letter to Pat Mullins, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPVA).

Brat told PJ Media Tuesday he wanted an investigation into the matter, but the letter, sent Wednesday, represents a formal demand to the state party.

On Monday, a posting by a contributor at the blog Kenney founded, Bearing Driftrevealed that a consulting firm Kenney co-founded with his brother Jason, K6 Consulting, recently landed Cantor as a client, igniting a firestorm of controversy within Virginia’s Tea Party community.

On Tuesday, Kenney told Breitbart News “My brother Jason advises for the Cantor campaign, absolutely. Been very open about that.” […]

The North Carolina Republican Party has a very similar scenario.  Todd Poole, NCGOP’s executive director, is a founding partner in the Red Dome Group, a Charlotte-based political consulting firm.  The firm announced Poole was taking a leave of absence when he got appointed to the state party job.  It was not made clear if Poole would relinquish his financial interest in the firm while serving at the state party. 

Red Dome Group is involved in some GOP primary campaigns in North Carolina this year — including ONE in Davidson County.  An employee within the state party’s accounting office is currently serving as a campaign treasurer for an incumbent GOP legislator locked in a primary in the Greenville area. 

7 thoughts on “Could VA-GOP brouhaha blow back onto NCGOP?

  1. The question: “Could VA-GOP brouhaha blow back onto NCGOP?”

    The answer: “No.”

    First of all Virginia is much more sophisticated than North Carolina. Secondly is that The NCGOP has gone into hiding. I rarely hear anything at all from them. They are as quiet as Chairman Voller of the Democrats.

    The NCGOP is a nominal organization and the only reason we have one is that some of the bigger states have them.

    If we had a real state NCGOP we would not have a Republican primary with 8 candidates who range from marginal to downright scary.

    But be sure of one thing, Kay is proud of the NCGOP.

    1. Interesting, Poole was at that meeting the night Younts helped vote himself in and that was before he got the job at the NCGOP

    2. “If we had a real state NCGOP we would not have a Republican primary with 8 candidates who range from marginal to downright scary.” jimmy roberts

      Greg Brannon is anything but marginal or scary. He is the most qualified candidate I have encountered in 45 years. His knowledge of the founding documents and the Constitution is mind boggling.

      Agreed, the state GOP is a bunch of squishes.

      1. I am sure to some of those squishy moderate ”Republicans” who congregate around Thom ”Amnesty Amigo” Tillis. Jesse Helms, John East, and Lauch Faircloth would have been marginal or scary. Especially since two of them never held any elective office until they were elected Senator from North Carolina and the third had only been a city councilman many years before he was elected Senator.

      2. Mason, I think you are going to be happy.

        Brannon told Glenn Beck last week that: ” We are pulling back the veil and showing who the wizard is and they are getting exposed,” Brannon said of Tillis, whose conservatism he questioned at multiple points. “We are going to win this without a runoff. There’s no doubt in my mind. The wave is coming.”

        I hope Brannon will get able to get his message across in the general election. From what I read Ms. Kay has $8.3 million on hand. She seems to be willing to fight hard for reelection. It will be a good match-up and I hope Brannon can pull off the victory.

        1. I am confidant that Brannon will have groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth on his side, and they will be much more helpful than Rove would be. The Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth have won most of the races they have gotten involved in while Karl Rove has lost 10 of the 12 Senate races he has gotten into.

          1. I believe that once Brannon wins the primary outright then Rove and the Republican establishment will be offering their organizational support as well and financial support. Brannon should stand strong and not take their money. This will send a strong message to the voters.

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