NC-02: Randolph Tea Party endorses Roche over Ellmers

download (45)The Republican primary challenger to Renee Ellmers has picked up another key endorsement in the Tar Heel State’s Second Congressional District.  The Randolph County Tea Party has spoken its piece about the important May 6 race:

“Beyond a doubt, Frank is the most qualified Congressional candidate to represent North Carolina’s 2nd District.  An expert in economics and trade policy, Frank has the experience and knowledge the 2nd District needs for true conservative representation.  Strongly opposing amnesty or any other path for legalization of illegal immigrants, we believe Frank will best serve the expectations and desires of  the 2nd District citizens, putting them ahead of those here in violation of our immigration laws.  Frank exemplifies the character, strength, and intelligence that is needed in D.C. and will use those qualities to stand for the people of Randolph County, NC02, and all citizens of N.C.”

The Randolph County group joins Moore Tea Citizens as the second in-district Tea Party group to endorse Frank Roche’s candidacy.  (Roche was also recently endorsed by former Moore County GOP chairman Bob Levy.)   Moore and Randolph are the two most-Republican counties in the Second District. 

Ellmers has been the victim of some rough publicity lately.  She had a rather tense on-air encounter with nationally-syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham.  She also had an on-camera run-in with some constituents over the issue of amnesty for illegal aliens.

In 2012, Ellmers lost Randolph County in the GOP primary to the lesser-known, under-funded Richard Speer.  She tried to make amends by establishing a district office within the county.  It appears THAT hasn’t made much difference.

3 thoughts on “NC-02: Randolph Tea Party endorses Roche over Ellmers

  1. Renee lost Randolph and Lee in the 2012 primary to someone who didn’t live in the 2nd district. Rumor is she lost every staw poll at the counties conventions . This may show that you can have all the money and no brains when it comes to running a campaign in a strong Repiblican District. Fact: She should fire the person that told her to support amnesty before a primary election. Now with endorsements lining up with Roche will the Tea Party actually get out and work to push its principles or just let BIG MONEY rino’s lead the way. Prediction for the primary election;

    Renee 55%
    Roche 45%

    DC BIG Money always wins!

    1. You might ask ”Senators” Trey Greyson and David Dewhurst if big money always wins. You might also ask that longtime Democrat contributor that Tillis and others from Raleigh put up in the primary against Norm Sanderson for State Senate last time. He outspent Norm by, if memory serves, by 16 to 1, but Norm whipped him soundly when the vote was counted.

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