#NCSEN: Tillis skipping WRAL debate

XGR02-NE-072413-RTWYep. That’s what Binky says.   Heather Grant, Greg Brannon and Mark Harris have all committed to appear on the station’s April 23 broadcast.

I am NOT understanding this.  We’ve got the — alleged — most brilliant, best prepared candidate EVER, and he won’t demonstrate all that brilliance on the same stage with his primary opponents?  If he makes it past May 6, does ol’ Thom REALLY think Hagan, the media, and the Democrats will let him get away with this type of thing? 

Mr. Big Boy Pants™ swatted away some criticism earlier in the primary season by suggesting that he would appear in debates later in the campaign before more mainstream entities.  He got a pass on blowing off the Tea Party.  But then he blew off some county parties.  Now, he’s blowing off one of the biggest TV audiences in the state.

Thom T. has 60 percent name-ID among primary voters, yet he is significantly below the 40 percent threshold for avoiding a primary.  And he is NOT EXACTLY leaving Brannon and Harris in the dust.  It sounds like The Man From Cornelius is counting on Uncle Karl’s TV ads carrying him across the finish line.