#NCSEN: Tillis skipping WRAL debate

XGR02-NE-072413-RTWYep. That’s what Binky says.   Heather Grant, Greg Brannon and Mark Harris have all committed to appear on the station’s April 23 broadcast.

I am NOT understanding this.  We’ve got the — alleged — most brilliant, best prepared candidate EVER, and he won’t demonstrate all that brilliance on the same stage with his primary opponents?  If he makes it past May 6, does ol’ Thom REALLY think Hagan, the media, and the Democrats will let him get away with this type of thing? 

Mr. Big Boy Pants™ swatted away some criticism earlier in the primary season by suggesting that he would appear in debates later in the campaign before more mainstream entities.  He got a pass on blowing off the Tea Party.  But then he blew off some county parties.  Now, he’s blowing off one of the biggest TV audiences in the state.

Thom T. has 60 percent name-ID among primary voters, yet he is significantly below the 40 percent threshold for avoiding a primary.  And he is NOT EXACTLY leaving Brannon and Harris in the dust.  It sounds like The Man From Cornelius is counting on Uncle Karl’s TV ads carrying him across the finish line. 

19 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Tillis skipping WRAL debate

  1. Mr. Big Boy Pants????? More like Mr. Scardy Pants.! What is Tilli$ afraid of? Having to answer why he supported establishing a state Obamacare exchange? Why he supports amnesty for illegal aliens? Why he supports green boondoggles like the renewable energy mandate which make crony capitalists rich but run up the electric bills of average folks? Why did did his darndest to water down the Voter ID bill? Why he has had a war on conservatives, using gerrymandering and recruiting primary challengers to try to rid the House of its strongest conservative members? Why he supported ”raparations” to a minority group? Etc.

    1. From the News & Observer:

      “So he enrolled at La Universidad del Noreste in Tampico, Mexico.”

      His medical school training in Mexico gives him a unique insight into illegal immigration.

  2. I agree 100% with Raphael’s comments.

    I would like to add that Tillis’ cowardice and arrogance is on full display for all to see now. The man thinks he deserves this seat and refuses to discuss his qualifications with the voters and his opponents. He is quintessentially EVERYTHING that is wrong with the GOP. He might have some money, but he does NOT have the people. I am disgusted beyond words at every single Republican State Rep & Sen who are using their influence to push this man on NC. Shame on every single one of those cowards. His behavior is indefensible and any who try to do so show that they too are part of the problem.

    Wake up people. And to those cowardly elected officials who are afraid of reprisals from the Speaker, grow a backbone.

    I’m praying that the voters of # NC are going to put on their Big Boy Pants on May 6 and send this Bully home. We do NOT need him in DC. No more status quo. We want a Principled Conservative, something Tillis obviously has no idea what that means.

    1. I agree. What this campaign needs is some good ol’ fashioned gay bashing. Blasting the gays and illegals immigrants is part and parcel of what makes a strong campaign. Tillis taking campaign money from anyone supporting gays will certainly cost him the election.

      Does Brannon treat gay patients?

      1. Dumb liberal! Brannon is an OBGYN and it takes both sexes to make a baby. Go back and take remedial biology.

        But more to the point, opposing the radical concept of ”gay marriage”, as a large majority of North Carolians do, is NOT ”gay bashing” except in the minds of radical gay activists. Tilli$ is way out of step with North Carolina on this one.

        Same with illegal aliens (immigrants are people who go through the legal process of immigration, which illegals do not). They have broken our immigration laws and those laws need to be enforced. Tilli$ is out of step with the North Carolina mainstream on this one, too.

        When Tilli$ ducked those North Carolina functions to go out to that conference in Colorado with that organization supporting gay marriage and amnesty for illegals, we knew that he was selling us out on those issues. Tilli$ is just Hagan without the skirt (at least that we know of).

        1. Is it harder to get a visa to go to med school in Mexico than it is to get a visa to go to med school in the United States?

          I hope that is is equally accessible to citizens of both countries.

        2. Now Raphael, coop is not just a dumb liberal. He is a very complicated FDR New Deal Republican.

      2. Because opposing gay marriage is “gay bashing”? Because supporting a secure boarder is bashing Mexicans and South Americans?

        You liberals really should grow up, and stop with the ad hominem.

  3. Breaking…..Crazy Tillis takes the oneway express route via the I-95 Toll Road to the Land of Dulusional thinking. Cost him $6 bucks and he shaved 2 minutes off his trip.

      1. Well, she’s probably a little biased given whose campaign she’s working on, but having said that, I agree.

    1. Maybe the big kid / bully in his group, Karl, told him ”Romper Room No-No” about going to that debate.

  4. I said it several post weeks ago that Tillis cannot debate and would make mistakes and give Brannon blurbs and clips to use against him in political ads.He will not show up for any debates where Brannon can confront him on any facts.Brannon will have to have his team follow him and film him and capture his responses.I guarantee he will revert back to the “real” Tillis and Brannon will have a great ad to expose him for what he is,a Karl Rove RINO.

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