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#ncpol: November, by the number$

Fundraising reports can tell you a hell of a lot about how November is going to go.  Money helps you organize your efforts.  Money helps you raise your name ID.  It’s rare that the biggest bank account doesn’t make it to the winner’s circle when…

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#ncpol: Sleep-walking toward election day

This has to be the quietest, most humdrum presidential-year campaign season EVER.  On North Carolina’s November’s ballot, we will be choosing a president, a governor, a US senator, members of Congress, The Council of State, state legislators, and a bunch of other things.  Yet, there’s…

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#ncpol: Floridians betting BIG on Wayne Goodwin

For the second quarter of 2016 (March 1 to June 30), North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin’s campaign reported raising $222,580.23.   Nearly one-third of that amount was given by people tied to Florida-based insurance and health care interests on just four separate days.   On May 7…

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#ncpol: Saving Private McCrory

I have to be honest — the polling so far does not look good for our Republican governor.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a survey showing him on top.  And those most recent two that did came from his buddies at Civitas. Roy…

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Q-poll: Burr UP; McCrory, Trump DOWN

Quinnipiac University is the latest to throw its two cents into this year’s elections.  Their poll of 751 likely voters (MOE +-3.6%) was taken from August 31 to September 7. PRESIDENT.   The QU survey has Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 47% to 43% in North Carolina….

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#ncpol: Open up and EAT that early voting!

I’ve been tracking the driveby coverage of the state board of elections meeting today where the  board is voting on each county’s early voting plans.  So far, it appears that Democrats and leftist interest groups are getting every thing they want out of the GOP-controlled…

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Suffolk Poll: In NC, Trump and Burr lead

Boston’s Suffolk University polled North Carolina voters about the November election and produced some very interesting findings:  When:  Poll of 500 likely NC voters taken between 9/5 and 9/7, 4.4% margin of error WHO?: The pollsters actually found THREE people who had never heard of…

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#ncpol: Newton shows ’em HOW IT IS DONE.

Colin Campbell took a break from his quest for genitalia to check out a Trump rally: Speaking at a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in Greenville, Republican attorney general candidate Buck Newton got some audience feedback on his critique of current attorney general Roy Cooper:…

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The sky is falling! (in 100 years)

THAT is the snake oil Rob n’ Chris’s krazy krew  is pitching:  North Carolina is wilting. On 60 days — two-thirds of the summer — Raleigh-Durham International Airport recorded above-average temperatures, according to Weather Underground.  In the Triangle, 17 of those days have topped 95-plus. This summer is still cooler…

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#ncpol: More on Wayne Goodwin’s $$$-grab in Charlotte tonight

  We tipped you off earlier about a fundraiser in Charlotte tonight for incumbent Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin (D).  As time passes, we’re learning more and more about this out-of-state, bipartisan bunch seeking to fill Goodwin’s campaign coffers. For the longest time, I wondered why…