The sky is falling! (in 100 years)

THAT is the snake oil Rob n’ Chris’s krazy krew  is pitching: chickenlittle

North Carolina is wilting. On 60 days — two-thirds of the summer — Raleigh-Durham International Airport recorded above-average temperatures, according to Weather Underground.  In the Triangle, 17 of those days have topped 95-plus. This summer is still cooler than  2010, when the airport set a record for the most days of 90 or above, and 2011, when records fell for the most consecutive days of 100 or higher temperatures.

These trends could be a dress rehearsal for the end of the century, when a 90-degree day might seem, well, brisk. So how should you dress for the Year 2100? Or more seriously, how should local governments prepare to meet the challenges of climate change?

So, we’re prognosticating about what might happen in 84 years?  These weather clowns can’t get tomorrow’s forecast right. (Just think about the hype we’ve heard during the buildup to every storm — including this weekend’s Hermine.  Scary pre-game report, but hardly living up to the hype.)   How can we even seriously talk about the end of the century?  MORE: Fitzcryin-eyes-closed

In North Carolina, the Department of Health and Human Services released a Climate and Health Profile document that details several dystopian outcomes of climate change, some of them already occurring:

  • Water quantity (Transylvania County, which usually receives 100 inches of rain a year, is in a drought) or too much rain, which can flood swine waste lagoons and damage the environment)
  • Water quality (harmful algae blooms that can make swimmers sick)
  • Mosquito-born diseases, such as Zika (36 travel-related cases have been reported in N.C. this summer)
  • Heat-related illnesses
  • Mental health issues
  • Increased ultra-violet radiation, which can lead to skin cancer

Global warming.  So THAT explains Rob and Chris.

THIS is starting to sound like The Onion.  But, no, it is our federal and state government at work —  trumpeted by a WRAL subsidiary.   Here’s even more:

Poor air quality, particularly in regards to ozone, which can trigger or worsen heart and lung problemsAt NOAA’s U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit, you can plug in a city/county and state and then view projected temperature and rain trends through 2100. The graphs show historical data since 1950, plus scenarios if we as a planet immediately stabilize the amount of greenhouse gas emissions (warmer but livable in short sleeves), or if we continue the path we’re on (ideal if you’re a saguaro cactus).chicken-little

In the latter scheme, Rocky Mount, which historically has about 10 days each year above 95 degrees, would have to endure 100 such days, essentially the entire summer. The sea breeze would blow the hot air around in Wilmington, where 97 days of the year the sand would roast your feet. Even Asheville won’t be the cool mountain getaway it is now. Ninety-five degree days are rare there, but by century’s end, the forecast is for 35 days of extreme heat each year.

This is the kind of nonsense that gives us carbon taxes, styrofoam and plastic bag bans, auto emissions tests, and all kinds of wacky, anti-business, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom planning and zoning rules.

Need another laugh?  Here’s Chris bad-mouthing people who dare to question the inanity of formulating policy based on what MIGHT happen 100 years from now.

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  1. It is bad enough to have stupid Chicken Little scare stories that never happen coming out of Obama or the dysfunctional UN, like this one from the UN:

    . . . but to have them coming out of a GOP administration in Raleigh is sickening. We would never have had such garbage from the Martin administration or even Holshouser.

    It all goes back to McCrory giving GOP activists the cold shoulder on key policy positions in his administration and filling it with liberals or people who don’t know enough about policy to get in out of the rain. Now we have idiots like the ones in DHHS. Bring back Dave Flaherty. He ran a tight ship for Jim Martin at that department and would never have allowed such Obama drivel to come out from DHHS (then called DHR) while he was there.

    The idiots now at DHHS need to have a mandatory assignment to educate themselves about the global warmist charade by watching material like this excellent British TV documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle:

    If it were not that the alternative was the awful Roy Cooper and that McCrory has been reasonably okay on HB2, I might have to reconsider voting for him when I see this Obama-like propaganda drivel coming out of his administration.

    With ”Republican” appointees like those at DHHS, who needs Democrats?

    1. I agree. There needs to be more discussion on the climate change issue with some actual thought given to the alternative views. Consensus is not meant to be a “law” in science. From what I can see man made climate change has not shown any positive results from experiments at all. And do all these experiments totally discount that star up in the sky? And do they not see the clear association between the output of the star to the temperatures on earth? It would only take a small change in the sun output to massively change the climate on earth. Science has really taken a hit on this issue, and many of the current “scientists” will be a laughing stock in 100 years.

      1. Politicians on the GOP side can be as bad like the Obama Republicans and the Democrats in the high positions at NCDHHS who push this Obama global warming propaganda on us. They should be ashamed of themselves, and there should be a thorough housecleaning at that department (and most departments) if McCrory is reelected, but the sad thing is that McCrory is extremely unlikely to do that.

  2. Perhaps the signal that a Republic is dead is when the citizen can trust NOTHING the government tells him.

  3. As long as the rich keep getting insurance payments for their overwashed beach properties the climate deniers are funded. These repeated insurance payouts to the coast, which is going under water, raise everyone’s rates.

    1. ”Rising sea levels” is just another of those global warmist Chicken Little scare stories that never come true. If Al Gore were right, much of Florida would now be under water. It isn’t.

      The real kicker is to look as the ”poster boys” for global warming ”sea level rise” Kiribati and Tuvalu in the South Pacific. The global warmists have been telling us for years that those two countries would be the first to go out of existance due to ”sea level rise”.

      A funny thing happened, however, when scientists compared WWII aerial photos of the islands to modern ones to document their decline and found to their surprise that most of the islands in these groups had actually expanded, not shrunk.

      So much for global warmist Chicken Little scare stories!

      The real insurance problem is that crooked Wayne Godwin allowing insurers to use phony baloney computer models (the same fraudulent technique favored by global warmists) instead of actual loss data, to set property insurance rates in the east. That has meant property owners in eastern North Carolina getting royally ripped off by insurance companies.

        1. I tell you what, when NOAA can predict the actual weather out one month perfectly then they may gain some trust where we can believe them out 100 years.

          As it stands ALL these globalchangeclimatewarming alarmists have failed to predict the current 19 year pause in warming and the increasing ice at the polar ice caps. Where is there even any thought given to the fact that the sun’s output fluctuates dramatically over time…you know creating ice ages.

        2. Like any government agency in the Obama regime, NOAA regurgitates the regime’s political line. No government agency in this corrupt and dishonest administration can be trusted. Heck, I’ll you still think people can keep their plan and keep their doctor under Obamacare.

          1. I recall plenty of claims of censoring climate change findings during the GW Bush administration….

            From the link provided below….”Notably, the incident drew the ire of Russell Train, who served as EPA administrator under Presidents Nixon and Ford. In a letter to the New York Times, Train stated that the Bush administration’s actions undermined the independence of the EPA and were virtually unprecedented for the degree of their political manipulation of the agency’s research. As Train put it, the “interest of the American people lies in having full disclosures of the facts.”19 Train also noted that, “In all my time at the EPA, I don’t recall any regulatory decision that was driven by political considerations. More to the present point, never once, to my best recollection, did either the Nixon or Ford White House ever try to tell me how to make a decision.”


          2. Well Hunter, there is a difference here though. Since globalchangewarmingclimate is not really science in the classical sense any “results” are only propaganda. I do not blame the Bush administration for attempting to keep incorrect information out of the debate.

      1. Your last sentence gets to the real problem. Governments and their related entities, insurance companies, and “scientists” all have their eyes on a prize of taking the $$$ of regular people to redistribute and use as they see fit. There is so much money in this scam it has ceased to be funny. Heck, if we were to go to the norm for the Earth then Eastern NC would be under water and I would be pretty close to the beach. The coastal plain used to be under water long ago even without the “assistance” of humans….it was that big ol’ star in the sky.

  4. The interesting thing about all this hysteria is that none of it ever comes true. Major hurricanes have been almost non-existent for a decade or so, the sea level is staying the same, we are actually having the same number of 95+ degree days as we used to historically. The only thing that has increased is the hysteria over at Blinky and Scowly’s site.

    One other thing, the “science” of globalclimatewarmingchange is really just a modelling exercise. Can these models be back tested to produce perfectly accurate results back to say the mid-1800’s? Can they actually predict next year’s global climate to the same accuracy that they are so worried about? The sad fact is that the assumptions built into the models only reflect the bias of the programmers, if the “scientists” building the models have a livelihood that depends on the government sending billions their way….and the government is telling them that there is going to be globalclimatewarmingchange then what is the result going to be? Hey…there is a consensus! Here are some things scientists used to have consensus on in the past:
    1. The earth was flat
    2. That black people were somehow a sub species
    3. The earth is the center of the universe
    4. That bleeding and leeches were solid medical treatments
    5. COMING SOON…man made climateglobalchangewarming

  5. Oh, and the link to the NC Hysteria Watch was for Scowly not Blinky. I would hate for them to come over and troll for not attributing correctly 😉

  6. The issue of government censorship on global warming positions was brought up. It may be that both Democrat and Republican administrations have taken steps to see that government employees under their administrations followed the president’s line. What is really appalling, however, is the current Democrat effort to suppress private sector opinions on global warming that run counter to the Obama administration’s diktat.

    Loretta Lynch admitted to a Congressional committee that she had examined bringing RICO cases in federal court against those who disagreed with the global warming theory. That is intimidating as hell.

    But it got worse. Nineteen Democrat state attorneys general held a press conference with Al Gore and announced they were using the courts to go after those in the private sector who disagreed with the global warming theory. Two of those Democrat state Attorneys General have already started issuing subpoenas to a wide range of researchers, academics, think tanks, advocacy groups, and others which is a massive act of intimidation.

    Congress started a counter investigation of the Attorney Generals themselves and their potentially corrupt connection with the green energy cabal. The Democrat state AG’s ducked those Congressional subpoenas but that battle is ongoing. I hope that Congress will have the backbone to hold them in contempt of Congress and incarcerate them until these crooked and despotic AG’s comply with the subpoenas.

    The immediate past President of the Czech Republic, Dr. Vaclav Klaus, warned of what we are seeing from these attacks on freedom of speech by Democrat state attorneys general when he called the global warming alarmists ”a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today”.

    Federal law makes conspiracy against the Constitutional rights of Americans a federal felony. One hopes that President Trump’s AG will prosecute all of these anti free speech state Democrat AG’s under that law and put them in jail where they belong. We should not take attacks on our precious freedom of speech lying down.

    1. The witch hunt here against private parties is almost unprecedented. It is kind of like the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s….except for the fact that McCarthy was right. Prosecuting entities other than the government for researching the GWCC issue and producing the results is a travesty and I would think is unconstitutional. One more fact to back up that this is not science they care about.

      1. The Global Warming alarmists have shown that they are not much different than the Nazi book burners as they try to suppress opinions contrary to their own. We saw that attitude toward those in the scientific community who disagree with them in the Climategate emails, but using the power of government to suppress opinions in the private sector is a clearly totalitarian act.

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