#ncpol: Open up and EAT that early voting!

aahI’ve been tracking the driveby coverage of the state board of elections meeting today where the  board is voting on each county’s early voting plans.  So far, it appears that Democrats and leftist interest groups are getting every thing they want out of the GOP-controlled state board.

The Left has pounded away on election reform as “voter suppression” and “racism.”  The New York Times, today, has come out with an editorial bemoaning what they see as North Carolina Republican efforts to “suppress the black vote.”

While those leftist cuckolds scold us for “suppression,” they neglect to mention that OUR election rules and regulations are MORE LIBERAL than THEIRS in New York state.

A total of 34 US states allow for no-excuse early voting.  New York allows in-person early-voting with a valid excuse.  North Carolina does not require an excuse.  Why isn’t New York being bashed for “suppressing” minority voters?  It’s because the hammer-and-sickel crowd already has the state firmly in its grip.  They see North Carolina as a pickup opportunity.  So, we’re going to get carpet-bombed until we subvoteearlymit and surrender.  (It looks like the GOPe in Raleigh — judging from today’s board of elections meeting — is already doing that.) 

Colorado, Oregon and Washington have complete mail-in elections.  (Talk about a recipe for cheating and chaos.)   The following states have NO early voting or in-person absentee voting:  Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan, Alabama and Mississippi.  Wow.  *Three of those five are north of the Mason-Dixon line.  How can that be?*   Why is North Carolina — which has more liberal and generous rules on voting than those five – under assault?

South Carolina AND Virginia — like New York — allow in-person absentee voting with a valid excuse. Same for Missouri AND Kentucky.  And yet North Carolina is getting fistmouthcarpet-bombed.  

Folks, the Left is in war mode.  The leaks about BluePrintNC back in 2012 and 2013 TOLD US this was coming.  And yet we see no evidence of any kind of fight out of the NCGOP’s so-called leadership. 

We’ve seen the damage Obama and his mob have done over the last eight years.  If we stay in belly-up submit and surrender mode, we can kiss an awful lot of what we love about this state and this country goodbye.



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  1. I think the GOP needs to change strategy considering this development. There needs to be an effort to do a few things that the democraps do:
    1. Get out the vote with vans to take the elderly and others to the polls to “help” them vote. Maybe even have some operatives to go into the booth with them.
    2. In conjunction with the above, harvest the names of recently deceased and others who are still on the voter rolls but not voting. To take advantage of this opportunity.
    3. Only do the minimum that winds up being required by the courts. Here is where we get in trouble when you go beyond the minimum hours/locations then you establish a precedence.
    4. Target conservative churches, and use the vans from #1 above to take the conservatives to the polls.

    These are only a few ideas, if only Dallas would do his job this could get going pretty quickly.

  2. Why does the state GOP chairman submit the names of weak cowards as members of the State Board of Elections. The crowd up there now were submitted by our current state chairman Grandpa Munster, in the last month or so of his previous rain. We need Republicans with backbone, not wussies, but it looks like the latter is what we have.

    And why is the GOP state chairman not doing press conferences to do some pushback on this absurd narrative of the Democrats? We used to have effective state chairmen who would do that. And don’t send a boy – Dallas – to do a man’s (the chairman’s) job!

    Think how effective it would be right now to have a black NCGOP chairman up holding press conferences counteracting this crap. But the stupid power-obsessed GOP establishment made sure we did not.

    1. The GOPe is a group of second rate eunuchs, who cannot tolerate manliness and the traits the come with it. They’ve traded gonads for the opportunity to do mindless lunches and listen to the likes of Burr and Co. lie to them. The GOP is a token party, while the Democrats are the party of the state. Masks are off both parties now, and neither cares what you nor I think about them.

  3. The McCrory “Republican” Election Board appointees make “Mush” McConnell and “Backbone” Boehner look downright Churchillian.

    But when we have a Democrat real estate lawyer from Charlotte like Robert Stephens advising the governor on critical appointments we shouldn’t be surprised when we get a bunch of weak sisters.

    1. The names for the NC Board of Elections appointees do not originate with the governor. The governor is required by law to appoint nominees submitted by the state chairmen of each of the two major political parties. In this case, the names came in 2013 from Robin Hayes, in his previous term as state Republican chairman, not from McCrory. Even though McCrory has had some very disappointing appointments to other boards where he does have control of the process, in this instance the problem is with Robin Hayes and not with McCrory.

      The present appointees are weak sisters and need to all be replaced when appointments come up again in 2017. We do not need cowardly surrender monkeys. Sadly, the same dingbat Robin Hayes will get to send new names for appointment to the SBOE before his present stolen term as state chairman ends, which appointees will serve the next four years. How I wish we had Hasan Harnett instead. At least he ”got it” as to the importance of these positions, unlike Hayes. Hayes also played games with substituting other weak links on county boards of election for the nominees sent forward by county parties.

  4. Voter I’D was what ” we the people” wanted and got. Opinions by higher courts have bullied our State into an opposite direction. NULLIFICATION is the answer if I correctly understand what many legal experts are saying about every individual state being in control of its own election process. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave.

    Browny Douglas

    1. “For this Nation to remain true to its principles, we cannot allow any American’s vote to be denied, diluted, or defiled. The right to vote is the crown jewel of American liberties, and we will not see its luster diminished. ”

      Ronald Reagan 11/6/1981

      1. A voter has their vote defiled and diluted when a system does not protect against unauthorized persons voting. We do not need any more Bob Dornans, whose California Congressional seat was stolen by Democrats when more illegal aliens voted in his district than the margin by which he lost or any more John Ashcrofts, whose Senate seat was stolen by the Democrats when more dead people voted than the margin by which he lost.

        Photo Voter ID is used around the world as a safeguard for vote integrity. Lack of it opens the door for fraud, a door Democrats have too much of a propensity to walk through. Look at the Soros-financed ACORN which was busy registering many thousands of fictional ”people” as Democrat voters and would undoubtedly have voted them on election day as well if they had not been caught during the registration process. ACORN was caught doing their dirty work in NC by Durham County election officials but the Democrats in control of the State Board of Elections hushed it up here.

  5. The only issue that McCrory and the Republicans ever got serious about these past four years was seizing the Sons of Confederate Veterans license plates. The Republicans threw their strongest supporters under the bus and yet they capitulate to the liberals. Go figure.

    1. Senate President Phil Berger got serious about protecting the SCV license plates by telling the governor point blank that the Senate was not going to pass a bill to eliminate those license plates. The governor then became unserious on the issue by not pushing it any more. Those of us proud of our southern heritage need to thank Senator Berger for standing strong for us and prevailing.

      Another legislator we need to thank is State Rep. Mike Speciale (R-Craven), whose bill to protect our Confederate and other historical monuments passed the legislature and was signed into law by the governor. Speciale is not even a southerner (he grew up in Illinois), but his 20 years in the military gave him a respect for all of our veterans, and he took action to stop threats to monuments to our Confederate veterans.

  6. Mr. Steed–If McCrory is re-elected, what is to keep him from confiscating the SCV plates? Has he publi ally backed off this threat? This is what has native Tarheels worried. They are still shell-shocked at what the governor threatened to do.

    1. I think I would have to take my chances with McCrory rather than Cooper, a far out liberal who is funded by Soros and Steyer. Cooper is more likely to threaten our heritage than McCrory. But it is like the Trump and H. Clinton situation where you have to weigh which type of Russian roulette you want to play, with a revolver with the Republican, where at least there is a spin of the cylinder and you might get an empty chamber, or with an automatic like with Hillary and Cooper where there is no empty chamber.

  7. Myself being a SCV and a SAR you can bet I have some special thoughts about those that do not seem to be willing to show honorable appreciation for those that fought for what they deemed the right thing to do during their time in the early history of this country. Would this be the greatest country on earth if they had not? That is certainly open to debate but is highly unlikely. How we the remnants of those two wars gain and retain the respect we feel is due our ancestors will probably forever be a formidable task. But one damn thing for sure, if we the current soldiers do not do our part to defeat the likes of Roy Cooper and his fellow power monger HRC the constitution will be dismantled and their idol BHO will have fulfilled his intentions of destroying the greatness of America. Individual freedom and liberty will have come and gone in just 240 years.

    So, what I am saying is, if we do not win the battle on Nov 8 we may have lost this war and the next war will not be remotely as peaceful as this one and the front line will probably not be the voting booth. We can not win the battle by no voting or spiteful voting.

    Browny Douglas

  8. A bad scene… Democrats have purpose and Republicans retreat. I couldnt believe in areas most needed like Urban areas they went week… exactly what Dems wanted.

    1. Our weak SBOE board are Robin Hayes’ choices. There are some Central Committee members who are going to have to answer for why they put that fool back in. Still having our black conservative state chairman standing strong on this would have been an enormous help on the PR and might have given those weaklings enough strength to do what they needed to do. Those SBOE idiots have just enabled the Democrats to deploy machine politics on a large scale which may tip the election.

  9. GoPe = Go Prone. Lay down. Roll over. Play dead. That appears to be the new strategy for R’s in Raleigh AND Washington. The loyal opposition does NOT exist.

  10. Blue blood political types who want to be liked more than they want to win. They aren’t candidates so this is how “they” get good press. Self involved and inconsiderate morons. They will point to little wins here and there and declare them huge, while the Dems win the big fights. Next stop is to blame other people. All they had to do was hold the line. Even a moron knows that… something more to it.

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