#ncpol: Floridians betting BIG on Wayne Goodwin

228967-laura6pm-640x360For the second quarter of 2016 (March 1 to June 30), North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin’s campaign reported raising $222,580.23.   Nearly one-third of that amount was given by people tied to Florida-based insurance and health care interests on just four separate days.  

On May 7 and 10, Goodwin’s campaign took in a total of $52,000 from Floridians tied to the health care and insurance industries.  The May 10th haul included FOUR checks for $5000 each and THREE chWelcome to Florida USAecks for $3000 each.   Salman Hussain, a partner with SSS Funding of Hollywood, Florida, donated $5000 on the 10th.

Melissa Silvestre, identified on Goodwin’s campaign report as an “unemployed homemaker” from Pembroke Pines, Florida, donated $5100 to Goodwin on the 10th.  (Her address, according to Google and as listed on Goodwin’s report, is a PO Box at the UPS store in Pembroke Pines.)  

Also on the 10th, Delray Beach physician Michelle Cohen donated $5100 to Goodwin’s campaign.   Also on that day, Junaid Abdelaziz, owner of Premium Precision of Pembroke Pines, Florida, donated $5000 to Goodwin. 

Two representatives of Tamarac, Florida’s Peace of Mind Solutions donated a total of $4500 to Goodwin on the 10th. momoney

On May 13th, Goodwin took in $2700 from Florida contributors.  On June 24th, the Goodwin campaign took in $10850 from Florida health care and insurance interests.  On the 24th, Steven Dorfman, CEO of Simple Health Plans of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, donated $5100 to Goodwin. 

Total haul from the Sunshine State in just FOUR separate days?  $65,550.    WHY are these people in Florida soooooo interested in the political prospects of the North Carolina insurance commissioner? 


7 thoughts on “#ncpol: Floridians betting BIG on Wayne Goodwin

  1. That is a good question. Quite a few Attorneys have also donated to the campaign as well. I’m looking forward to more digging.

  2. Goodwin is clearly the special interest candidate. He has been bought and paid for. It churns my stomach to see his lying press releases about standing up for consumers. It is all stage managed.

  3. Is Causey actually campaigning this year? He has a history as a perennial candidate for this job and gets through the primary only to lay an egg in the general elections. Has he raised any money this year? Is he actually attending events other than GOP meetings in his neck of the woods?

    This seems to be a hobby to him running versus actually trying to win. If we are to take that seat Im afraid it will have to been with someone other than Mike Causey. Ill be voting for him as I have done each year he has been our nominee. But my gut tells me he is a terrible candidate and not really in it to win it.

    1. Mike knows where his soft areas of the State are and he is working those areas. If he had done better in those areas last time he would have won. Mike has a distinct disadvantage in fund raising. Everyone wants Insurance reform but when it comes to money, the Council of State candidates suffer. With all the money that the NC GOP raised 2 years ago, not a single penny went to anyone other than Pat McCrory. If you want him to win, pls send him a contribution.

  4. Mike is campaigning this year. He did also campaign four years ago. Had the same number of people voted for him and Ed Goodwin as voted for Dan Forest in Wake County they both would have won. It was Republicans in Wake Co. who made him and Ed loose the last time. He is attending public events all over the state, as well as Republican events. He has a couple people volunteering for him. Doing some research and reaching out to those directly affected by the office of the Insurance Commissioner. Bear in mind that Goodwin has angered the Bail Bond Industry by even letting convicts teach bail bond licensing courses. The only media coverage of that seems to be in the local effected areas. So Mike is campaigning hard and a few people are helping him where they can.

    1. The guy is a joke. I’m not interested in somebody’s entertainment. That’s what he does and apparently it works for him. We need winners in the GOP. This guy can’t deliver.

  5. And John Woodard it’s up to him to raise money. He can’t and that’s why our party loses. Causey is a terrible candidate. That’s the deal

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