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#ncpol: Floridians betting BIG on Wayne Goodwin

For the second quarter of 2016 (March 1 to June 30), North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin’s campaign reported raising $222,580.23.   Nearly one-third of that amount was given by people tied to Florida-based insurance and health care interests on just four separate days.   On May 7…

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NC Campaign 2012: things getting a little testy in the insurance commissioner race

I never imagined that we’d be dealing with mud-slinging and controversy in the race for NC Insurance Commissioner. Right out of the general election starting gate, incumbent Democrat Wayne Goodwin is firing off campaign finance complaints against his GOP challenger Mike Causey.  Current polling shows…

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NC campaign 2012: Mike Causey on ObamaCare ruling, campaign trail gossip

    I caught up with Mike Causey, Republican candidate for commissioner of insurance, while he was on his way to a speaking engagement DownEast in the big city of Washington (NC, that is). Causey faces Richard Morgan in the July 17th GOP runoff election….

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Morgan vs. Causey: A Tale of Two campaign finance reports

        The North Carolina Insurance Law blog does a great job of giving us the story behind the numbers in the GOP runoff for NC commissioner of insurance: The May 8 primary pitting Republican candidates Richard Morgan, Mike Causey, and James McCall…

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Facebook: the new battleground for GOP nod in Insurance Commissioner race

  I know it’s tough to evaluate candidates for down-ballot races.  Sure, it’s pretty easy to separate the wheat from the chaff in the governor and presidential fields.  But when you get down to the judicial races and the council of state races, what is…

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Meet Mike Causey (R), candidate for NC Insurance Commissioner

  When you first meet Mike Causey, the Greensboro Republican strikes you as way too nice of a guy to be a player in hard-nosed big-time statewide politics. He presents quite a contrast to Richard Morgan —  his opponent in the July 17th GOP runoff…

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Getting to know the GOP candidates for Insurance Commissioner

      Anyone looking to learn more about the GOP candidates in the state Insurance Commissioner runoff on July 17 should click on THIS LINK.    Somebody has done an excellent job of putting together a primer on former Moore County legislator and current Insurance…

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Guilt By Association? (Stones in glass houses, anyone?)

          I need ol’ Richard to clarify something for us. On his Facebook page,  Richard Morgan instructs visitors  to “stop our go along with Obama insurance commissioner.” O-kay.  Richard — you formed an alliance with Jim Black  (who went to federal…

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Has Richard been hacked?

              I had to do a double-take after reading this quote posted on Insurance Commissioner candidate Richard Morgan’s  Facebook page: Richard T. Morgan Yesterday near Raleigh, NC via mobile Another day – so let’s get going and approach it that before the day…

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Party disloyalty, weight loss & the choice in the July GOP runoff

It appears Republicans will have to choose between Mike Causey and Richard Morgan in the July GOP runoff for state insurance commissioner.  Some  people view this race as an afterthought, but it actually is one of the more important seats on the council of state….