Guilt By Association? (Stones in glass houses, anyone?)






I need ol’ Richard to clarify something for us.

On his Facebook page,  Richard Morgan instructs visitors  to “stop our go along with Obama insurance commissioner.”

O-kay.  Richard — you formed an alliance with Jim Black  (who went to federal prison) and spent four years in that alliance helping to kill GOP legislation and harrass your Republican House colleagues.   You recruited candidates to run against your Republican House colleagues.  (Remember Tom-with-an-H  Tillis?)  You also — in an unprecedented fashion — got kicked out of The Republican Party.

I don’t think Wayne Goodwin or Barack Obama have been to federal prison. I also don’t think either of them has been kicked out of their political party.  So — um — what’s your point? 

I don’t believe Mike Causey  (JULY 17)  has ever cozied up to Jim Black or Barack Obama. ( I don’t believe he’s been to federal prison either.)