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Seriously? NC state govt — BILLIONS IN DEBT — owns a RAILROAD ???

          We’ve been told — since the November 6 election — that North Carolina experienced a “conservative revolution.”  Yet we have the NCGOP majority in Raleigh sending up trial balloons about things like — oh — jacking up unemployment taxes, not…

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AFTER the election, GOP thinks tax increases are A-OK

Now that the smoke has cleared — and they are safe from the voters’ wrath for at least two more years — Republicans in Raleigh and Washington appear ready to toss supply-side, low-tax, deregulated economics under the bus. U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss  (R-Ga.) has been…

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Gov. Pat: Going wobbly on ObamaCare fight?

    Businesses have been downsizing, closing facilities, implementing employee layoffs, and instituting hiring freezes in anticipation of the impending fiscal and regulatory nightmare known as ObamaCare. Pat McCrory won the 2012 governor’s race in an impressive fashion by pledging to lead a Carolina Comeback. …

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Shubert: Wayne King meddled in NC GOP’s state auditor primary

      Fern Shubert is not one to mince words.  The former Republican legislator from Union County rocked  many a boat during her tenure on Jones Street.  Besides her legislative service, the conservative pol has run unsuccessfully for governor and for state auditor. Shubert…

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Mr. Forest Goes To Raleigh

  In one of the best election-related pieces of news for North Carolina Tea Partiers, canvassing has confirmed Republican Dan Forest’s victory over Democrat Linda Coleman.    Forest, one of the state’s few major office candidates who ACTUALLY EMBRACED Tea Party activists,  saw his 11,000…

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DID NCGOP mislead grassroots activists?

There is something disturbing rumbling to the surface here in Moore County in the wake of the Nov 6 vote.  The state GOP set up”NC Victory” offices all over the state.  (We got one in Southern Pines, managed by one Eli Schilling — a young…

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Thoughts on the NC House GOP leadership skirmish

State House Republicans are meeting today to decide who will lead them through the next legislative session in Raleigh.  A lot of the current leadership is running again, while a few challengers have jumped in. The GOP added nine seats to their majority in the…

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Recount?: Dan Forest preps for another fight as SEIU, Linda Coleman lay groundwork

If you thought Governor Bev Perdue had competence issues, wait until you get a load of Lt. Governor Linda Coleman. Coleman, the former  Democrat legislator and state personnel chief, was backed to the hilt this year by the state’s powerful public employees union.  Despite generous…

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Raleigh’s “conservative revolution” off to an inauspicious start

The economy is in shambles.  We are still coping with record unemployment.  And the political class in Raleigh is FASCINATED with who will be on Pat McCrory’s transition team as well as WHO will be the next speaker pro tem and majority leader in the…

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TWO majority leaders? (NC’s “conservative revolution” marches on)

          The “honorables” on Jones Street are giving us quite an eye-opening preview of where things might be headed: House Republican leaders are considering creating two majority leader positions for the next legislative session in which they will command a supermajority….