#ncga: YOU are RE-leased !!!!

We had this item posted yesterday. Then, we receive this email which seems to back up what our sources in
that post were telling us:


From: “Candace Slate (Rep. Nelson Dollar)”


> Date: August 20, 2015 at 4:36:54 PM EDT


Appropriation Chairs,




> We are still working with our Senate counterparts to determine our Area Targets.

Given the number of Chairs who were not available to stay this weekend you are

released from having to stay Friday and Saturday —  please be back in Raleigh and

available on Monday by 1:00 pm.


> Thank you for your patience and service.


> Best Regards,

Nelson – Linda – Chuck – Donnymo-300x166


“Area targets” is a fancy way of describing the specifics of what will be cut from the budget to meet that magical $21.735 billion figure.

For those of you keeping score at home, that would be NELSON “Wait ’em out” Dollar, LINDA Johnson, CHUCK McGrady, and DONNY Lambeth. Not exactly a herd of fiscal conservatives there.  

It’s also not a good sign that House leadership has someone — Dollar — leading the talks with the Senate who has (1) an overall pretty poor working relationship with the upper chamber, and (2) publicly and proudly stated he’s not interested in backing off of the House’s much higher budget numbers.