#ncga: Want TAs? Go see your local school board, superintendent

Capture123The professional left and their driveby dictationists want you to think the honorables on Jones Street sit around debating whether Mrs. Jones’s 1st grade class at Waxhaw Elementary will get its full allocation of books and a teacher assistant.  The spin is being laid out there that — if the legislature doesn’t pass a budget resolution NOW — all hell will break loose and catastrophe will reign within our public schools.  As though things are already so great there. But, I digress. 

What happens if the House and Senate can’t agree on a budget for the current fiscal year?  They GO HOME and we keep operating on last year’s budget.  Bureaucrats hate that idea because last year’s budget was much more conservative than the versions being debated now.

But, here’s how most school funding works with Raleigh.  The legislature allocates a pot of money to be divided among the public schools.   State and federal laws require that certain things be paid for each year.  But, for the most part, specific spending decisions are made by the local school boards, superintendents, and central office educrats.  It’s *funny* how you hear these people moaning about the children doing without teacher assistants or textbooks, but you never never never hear about the possibility of some overpaid $100,000-plus per year educrats at the central office being furloughed without pay.  God forbid that we go even one month without Dr. Marx, assistant deputy superintendent for instructional design and animal sacrifice, and his / her six figure taxpayer-provided salary.

If your school system is foregoing books or teacher assistants, and you want those things, your local system’s spending priorities are out of whack.   Those *GODS among MEN* anointed with the holy water from American academia’s “education” schools  will never forego anything.  They believe they are entitled to our money like every other bureaucrat.  And if they have to hold the kids hostage to shake it out of us, they will.