#ncga: Oh, how those things you sign your name to come back to bite you …

Politicians are eager to win votes and please everybody — ALL AT ONCE.  It’s not all that uncommon to see some of those folks coming down on both sides 181429-Tillman_budget-220x165of an issue at the same time.  Some are slippery enough not to leave fingerprints on any particular position.  Others?  Not so much. 

Case in point:  state Senator Jerry Tillman (R).  He’s the majority whip for his chamber, and represents Randolph and Moore counties.  Inexplicably, Tillman — who typically votes conservative — has been very impressed with the heavily-subsidized alternative energy industry (solar, wind, etc.) industry.  Judging from his comments in the drive-by media, he apparently views those kinds of projects as great employment programs that really stick it to those money-grubbing oil sheiks in The Middle East.

Tillman even joined Richard Burr and a gaggle of other politicians recently in a public praise-fest for a Montgomery County solar farm financed to the hilt with tax money and backed by the same folks exposed by Civitas. 

Well, the mischief-makers at  AFP-NC have dug up a little gem from just last year:



Hmmm.  <*AW-KWARD!*>