NC-02: She’s Lyyyyyyyyying. (Her lips are moving.)

Renee Ellmers is running to and fro trying to convince low-information voters across the Second District that she has been a valiant warrior princess against ObamaCare.  This week, she was in Apex to “renew the conversation on ObamaCare.”:mouth

[…] Congresswoman Renee Ellmers joined a roundtable discussion Thursday held by the Apex Chamber of Commerce to hear concerns from local small business owners about the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, and to discuss possible solutions.

A few asked the congresswoman what progress Republicans in Washington D.C. have made towards lowering the costs associated with health care and insurance.

“I can’t tell you that that’s happened yet, because all we are seeing right now is the cost of health care going up,” she told the group.

“Unfortunately, as far as the ACA, much of the progress we’ve made is really on messaging and having the conversation – actually hearing about the results of the ACA,” she said later in an interview.

“What I will say is it is always difficult to pass any changes because many of the individuals behind it are still in Washington,” Ellmers said. “But we have an alternative to the ACA. If we are able to repeal it, we will have a plan for the people that will bring down cost and increase choice.”

The passage of the ACA was a major reason Ellmers, a former nurse, ran for office. She supports a full repeal.

She believes that once Obama leaves office, a Republican president would repeal the law. However, she didn’t say which candidates in the crowded GOP field would be best for the job.[…]

Weren’t we told pre-2014 a Republican Senate would get us the change we needed? ellmers-must-go

Actually, it takes a lot of principle and hard work to change things in Washington.  Ronald Reagan got his tax cuts pushed through the Congress with a Democrat-controlled House and a less-than-60-vote Republican majority in the Senate.  The GOP had two pieces of the puzzle then.  They have TWO now.  What’s the difference?  The character, the principle, and the overall ethic of Reagan.  He had a mandate from the 1980 election to make sweeping changes.  These current Republicans got mandates too — 2010, 2012 and 2014.  Yet, they have done nade. 

Ellmers’s Twitter feeds and web sites would make one think she has been fighting ObamaCare tooth-and-nail.  Yet, we have commentary like this to the drive-by media.   We also have this video of a town hall meeting in Pinehurst where she spent roughly three hours poo-pooing efforts by Ted Cruz and Mark Meadows to defund ObamaCare via a continuing resolution.

Watch the linked video. Read the linked articles.  The next time you see Ellmers ask her if she thinks you’re stupid.  (As arrogant as she is, she may actually admit she does.) Career politicians don’t like relinquishing control of our wallets or our lives.  Once they get control of an aspect of either, there is no turning back.  kiss

They also love bogeymen to scare us with each election year.  Look at what the Democrats have done to the Lumbee Indians.  Every election year they scare those people into believing the Republicans will forever kill their hopes of federal recognition.  Yet, look at how many Democrat presidents and Congresses we’ve had — where not a thing has been done to honor promises to rjthe Lumbees.

What the DC crowd is doing with ObamaCare is not that different from what’s been done with the Lumbees.  *”You need us to fight against Obama and his ObamaCare”.*   You agree, and pull the lever for them.  Then, you hear not another damn word about it for two to four years. 

Renee Ellmers is a lapdog for John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the House leadership. She will do exactly as she is told BY THEM.  They have made it clear they are not interested in doing anything about amnesty or ObamaCare or Planned Parenthood or any of our other dire problems.  And neither is Renee Ellmers. 

11 thoughts on “NC-02: She’s Lyyyyyyyyying. (Her lips are moving.)

  1. No outrage from Ms. Ellmers over the latest videos from Planned Parenthood along with her continued silence on all the key issues at the forefront of concern amongst her constituents. So tired of the same old same old from same old Ellmers. Is it Primary Day yet?? How long before Jim Duncan takes the Oath of Office??

  2. What on God’s Green Earth happened to this Ellmers woman? When she first ran, she was the darling of us Tea Party types!! Now she might as well be a @#$% Democrat!!!

    THIS is the kind of DC crud that is making the TRUMP candidacy EXPLODE.

    1. Renee, along with our two senators, each have an “F” rating at Conservative Review.
      Sad and soooooo aggravating after all their promises!

  3. Who said it?

    “Defunding Obamacare is the dumbest idea I have ever heard.”

    a.) “Tricky Dick” Burr (R)
    b.) Nancy Peolosi (D)

    “Obamacare is a great idea”

    a.) “The Tholl Roadin’ Paintballin Wonderboy” Thom Tillis (R)
    b.) Harry Reid (D)

    Answers: a

    Emperor Obama’s Republicans hard at work.

    1. That’s sad but true, John. ThommyT.and Tricky D.Cloture are even more pathetic than Boehner’$ Barbie Ms. Ellmer’s. What a miserable group we have assembled in a North Carolina. Here’s to hoping someone will step up and challenge the disingenuous Tricky D. Burr. One can only imagine how liberal Burr will be in a 3rd term.

      1. Burr’s conservative ratings are already very low – 41% in the last Heritage Action rating – lower than Lindsay Graham. That is true with all of the ratings. Burr is not even waiting for a third term to turn liberal on us.

        North Carolina definitely does need a conservative Republican to run in this primary.

  4. Does she even know how to get to Apex from Dunn? I seriously doubt it. Sure that one of her staff “flunkies” had to drive her.

  5. Ellmers was co-opted two months after going to DC. I remember well one of her first meetings back in the district in her first term when she made a fly-by to tell us all what Republicans were going to do for us, but would not take questions.

    It was abundantly clear she had no intention of being accountable to those in NC2. Instead, DC was like the senior prom and she aspired to be prom queen.

  6. Admittedly, Renee Ellmer’s has been a huge disappointment. Although I wasn’t in her district, I donated to her campaign.
    However, once she got in Washington, she became part of what I call the “Spineless Republican” coalition.
    In 2014, Americans gave the Republicans what amounted to a :landslide” (more seats in the House, control of the Senate, and unprecedented victories in the state & local elections).
    In the campaign they promised THEY PROMISED they would repeal Obamacare, end Obama’s Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, and bring Obama to heal. Ellmers, limp dick John Boehner, and castrated Mitch Connell. THEY PROMISED!
    Alas (or go figure) they LIED to us, and should be tarred & feathered, and ridden out of Washington on a rail. They’re all bunch of pathological LIARS!
    Now, why do you think Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina are leading in the polls? Because they’re political outsiders!

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