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NC-02: Lil’ Guv rushes to Big Govt Barbie’s defense (with LIES, of course)

Patrick Sebastian is blessed with some great DNA.  It’s helped him advance his career in politics like you wouldn’t believe.  As the governor’s nephew (hence the nickname Lil’ Guv), he’s landed a sweet job in the governor’s campaign, the state party, and NOW with the campaign apparatus of congresswoman Renee Ellmers. Team Ellmers is apparently feeling some heat from challenger Jim Duncan.  Duncan is the only one of Ellmers’s four…

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NC-02: New Duncan ad hammers Ellmers on amnesty for illegals

No more Mr. Nice Guy? Jim Duncan, Renee Ellmers’s leading GOP challenger, has stepped away from his sunny, user-friendly game plan to open fire with both barrels on the incumbent congresswoman.  Here is his latest ad.  Some of the ad’s highlights? Rep. Ellmers was the ONLY Republican to vote against a bill to deport illegal immigrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or child abuse. (The Blaze, 01/14/15) (RC #31,…

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NC-02: The money chase, updated and speaking VOLUMES

It’s been said money is the mother’s milk of politics. It’s tough to keep going, to grow and nurture, if you’re not getting any. Well, the year-end reports are in at the FEC, and they are helping us separate the wheat from the chaff in this crowded primary race for the Second Congressional District. Frank Roche appears to be headed for a tally that falls well below his 2014 haul….

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#ncpol NC-02: Duncan rolling up endorsements, hitting the airwaves

Kay Daly promotes herself as “The New Phyllis Schlafly.”  but the real Phyllis Schlafly — a conservative icon and backer of Donald Trump — is throwing her support behind another 2nd district Republican in the race for US House:  […] “Jim Duncan will be a strong conservative leader in Congress. He understands that limited government and a thriving economy depend on strong families and that our nation’s fiscal health is…

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#ncpol NC-02: Radio hosts weighing in GOP field for US House

Religious right leader and national radio host James Dobson has already thrown his support behind Kay Daly. Now, Erick Erickson — founder of the RedState blog, a Georgia-based national radio host, and occasional fill-in for El Rushbo — has thrown his support behind retired businessman and former Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan.  Erickson, who recently sold his interest in RedState, has launched a new site called “The Resurgent.”  One of…

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#NC-02: Club for Growth bets it all on Jim Duncan

The Club For Growth — arguably DC’s premier free-market, limited-government political action committee — has never been much of a fan of Renee Ellmers.  They’ve issued some harsh criticisms over the years.  But this year, they’re upping the ante and actually endorsing one of her primary opponents:  The Club for Growth PAC today announced its endorsement of businessman Jim Duncan for the U.S. House from North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. The…

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#nc-02: Nee-Nee sticks us with the bill

What’s bad for brawlin’ Bobby E. is apparently A-Okay for Nee-Nee. (Gosh, we’re poetic this morning.)  We’ve written extensively about stuff that show up in our mailboxes here in the Second District from congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  They show up right about campaign time.  They look just like campaign propaganda.  But they include a stamp that looks like a signature — and a disclaimer that its paid for with taxpayer funds.  That’s…

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NC-02: #ASKHERWHY (Go ahead. Ask Her.)

It appears filing for office will be moved up to DECEMBER and the primaries will take place in MARCH.  That will likely ensure the political fireworks get off to an early start. We’ve already been treated to some bomb-throwing from the Daly family.    Now, it appears Chatham County’s Jim Duncan has some rather pointed questions for the second district’s controversial incumbent: Why did Renee Ellmers vote against deporting illegal…

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#NC-02: A few thoughts on the RINO hunt

Well, this ad popped up during the most recent televised GOP presidential debate — making it clear that North Carolina’s Second Congressional District GOP primary will be just as much of a media circus.   The primary is officially a foursome.  In the early stages of this crowded environment, we thought it might be crucial to bring up a few key points: Kay Daly.  She’s been much more low-profile in-state…

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#NC02: National media notices Duncan. Ellmers attacks.

In case you missed it, National Review has a great writeup on next year’s showdown between Renee Ellmers and Jim Duncan in the 2nd district GOP primary. Duncan’s impressive fundraising gets mentioned, and some political heavy-hitters sound off on the race.  Speaking of HEAVY — Carter Wrenn offers up some commentary: Duncan has made a solid start on that front, raising over $200,000 since late February — half of it from…