#NC02: National media notices Duncan. Ellmers attacks.

jdIn case you missed it, National Review has a great writeup on next year’s showdown between Renee Ellmers and Jim Duncan in the 2nd district GOP primary. Duncan’s impressive fundraising gets mentioned, and some political heavy-hitters sound off on the race.  Speaking of HEAVY — Carter Wrenn offers up some commentary:

Duncan has made a solid start on that front, raising over $200,000 since late February — half of it from his own pocket. That gives neutral GOP consultants reason to believe he can make the race competitive. “That’s a real number,” says Carter Wrenn, a veteran North Carolina operative. “Even if a hundred of it’s from Duncan, it’s a number that’s a real number, it shows that they’re doing something.”


“At the end of the day, I think that congresswoman Ellmers will be reelected,” says Dee Stewart, who has worked with Ellmers in the past but isn’t involved in this campaign. “She’s worked hard, she’s well known, and the leadership in Congress strongly supports her reelection.”

That may be a double-edged sword, though. “I think her problem is that she ran, or did originally, as a tea-party type and she’s really been . . . more aligned with the Washington establishment than they expected,” says Carter Wrenn. “It’s not necessarily just Tea Party. That abortion thing after 20 weeks, that shook up a lot of people in her district.”[…]

Wrenn — since leaving Senator Jesse Helms and the Congressional Club — -is very much establishment.  Second of all, he was Ellmers’s consultant when she knocked off Bob Etheridge in 2010.  

Team Ellmers is already reaching into the gutter with the c-word: mouth

[…] Ellmers’s team argues that her critics are the ones who are out of touch with the district. “There were a lot of folks from outside the district and frankly outside the state that were trying to rile up the district, and it really just hasn’t worked,” says Ellmers’s senior advisor Patrick Sebastian. “People know that she’s a conservative and I don’t see any groundswell against her in the district.” […]

Of course, if he does secure outside backing, it might play right into the hands of the Ellmers campaign, which is prepared to portray Duncan — who became involved in North Carolina politics in 2010 after moving to the state from Connecticut in 2008 — as an ineffective carpetbagger. “He just moved here a few years ago from Connecticut,” says Sebastian. “He becomes a county chairman in his county and Republicans went from controlling the county commission to losing the county commission to Democrats — in a Republican year, I might add, in 2014. So, he did damage to his own county; I don’t think people want him to do damage to the Second District and lose another race here to a Democrat.”[…]

Okay.  So, we have Patrick Sebastian — the governor’s nephew, who owes his entire professional livelihood to Uncle Pat — criticizing a self-made personal and professional success story like Jim Duncan.  He throws that word carpet-bagger out there to try and slander Duncan.  Sebastian needs to be careful.  The Second District is full of a lot of people who moved here from other parts of North Carolina, the nation, and the world.  Hell, even his boss-lady is a “carpet-bagger.”  Her own bio describes her as “born and raised” IN MICHIGAN.  She moved to North Carolina to work for her husband’s medical practice not long before running for Congress in 2010.  Even thenellmers boehner, her hubby’s money and Bob Etheridge’s buffoonery barely got her across the finish line and into the winner’s circle.

Sebastian and Ellmerstwo people who owe what they have to latching on to someone else’s money and influence. 

And Sebastian criticizes Duncan for “outside help”?  Has he seen all of the DC PACs on her campaign finance report?  Does he know that she is on the national board of the liberal GOP group The Ripon Society? 

With Ellmers, it all comes down to someone who enjoys DC and its trappings way too much.  We don’t ever see her.  When we do, she’s haughty and obnoxious.  She campaigns as a conservative, but  votes like the establishment and leadership tell her to.  She’s aided and abetted the growth of ObamaCare, the expansion of our federal debt, and increased federal spending.  THAT is not what we voted for in 2010.

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  1. Michigan or New York?

    And I think Gov McCrory was born in Ohio. Wasn’t Berger born in New York too?

    Is there anyone born in North Carolina in elected office? I think Burr is a Virginian and Tholl Thoad Thom a Floridian. At least they are Southerners.

    North Carolina is run by carpetbaggers so no wonder the flag is coming down.

  2. Rene Ellmers: she won in NC by getting the librats to vote in the primary and after that, all she had to do is beat the hollywood and militant gay financed Clay Aikin(D). She would have lost in the primary’s had it not been for underhanded trick of making sure her REAL CONSTITUENTS (libmarxist & RINO’s), changed the intended process of fair representation. The demonrats have NO moral compass other than the end justifies the means. That pain conservatives feel in their back?… it’s Rene’s knife.
    Ellmers is despised by the majority of conservatives in NC….Justifiably so

  3. Dee Stewart not involved in Ellmers campaign???? What nonsense. Not too long ago, he was flooding the airwayes with independent expenditure ads paid for by one of his paper front groups that were falsely praising Ellmers. Dee Stewart and honesty, I do not believe have ever become acquainted with each other.

    This Sebastian dude is a light weight who thinks he is a heavy weight. Good thing that is who is advising Ellmers.

  4. “Haughty and obnoxious’ are the correct adjectives in describing Renee Ellmers. The sad thing is, she has nothing to really be haughty or obnoxious about!

  5. Ellmers was given a chance and turned her back on the people of her district in no time. Time to go.

  6. We are Pam Stewart and Brian Bock, former Republican commissioners in Chatham County. We are writing to comment on repeated statements from the Renee Ellmers team regarding our campaign in 2014. As two of only four elected republican commissioners over the past 150 years in Chatham County, we are intimately familiar with the political realities of Chatham.

    This is why I’m disappointed to see representatives from the Ellmers campaign make statements about Jim Duncan “doing damage to his own county” by “losing the county commission to democrats”. The first part of the statement is demonstrably false, the second is misleading and ignores a 150 year history.

    We have first hand knowledge of Duncan’s leadership during our historic victory in 2010 and the 2014 campaign. In both campaigns Jim organized over 200 volunteers in a county that prior to 2010 had very few. What the Ellmers team fails to note in its comments is that Ellmers won Chatham County with a 55%-45% margin in 2012 & 2014 under Jim’s leadership. Democrats enjoy a 2-1 margin over Republicans in Chatham.

    We now have more registered Republicans than ever in Chatham’s history. During the 2014 election we had more active volunteers than in the past. These accomplishments were achieved by many and Jim would be the first to give credit to others.

    Ellmers’ campaign team comments regarding Duncan’s leadership as County Chairman are disingenuous and insulting to the volunteers for our campaign who donated 1000s of hours organized by Jim.

    Brian Bock
    Pam Stewart

  7. Under Jim Duncan’s leadership the Chatham County Republican Party has grown tremendously. Hopefully, Ellmers’ staff will read Brian Bock’s and Pam Stewart’s comments (see above), see the error of their ways, and reconsider their tact. What is the chance of that happening??!!

  8. The truth came out; I would certainly hope that the Cmissioners will send a copy of this to the Governors office. It is time that Mr Sebastian learn a thing or 2 about being a Republican and how to attack your opponents records.

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