Get Ready. Here it comes.

The Left has hconfad a field day blaming a whole lot of terrible things on the fact that Confederate flag imagery even exists.  They and their drive-by media allies browbeat South Carolina’s government into taking the flag off the statehouse grounds. All kinds of calls are going up to remove Confederate monuments and rename military bases and other buildings named after anyone who had any remote connection to the Confederacy.  Tactics that would make the Maoists or even the warm-fuzzy types in ISIS proud. 

We reported earlier about NC House Democrat plans to start work on banning the Sons of Confederate Veterans license tag.  North Carolina-based lefties Progress NC Action  (run by a former WTVD ABC11 reporter) are ramping up a campaign to pressure the governor and the legislature to ban the license plate.

North Carolina legislators are pushing legislation that puts decisions about monuments and other historical artifacts or markers in the hands of the legislature. The drivebys are trying to tie it to the current hysteria over Charleston — but this bill was first introduced in February. 

Lefties are even trying to remove the Old Market House from the logo of The City of Fayetteville.    I usually don’t agree with Myron Pitts, the Fayetteville Observer columnist and Barry Saunders wannabe, but on this issue — I do:

[…] I suspect research will underscore that Fayetteville’s centerpiece structure was not a slave market, but, like George Washington, tells an expansive story far beyond that one

The original building housed state government, and the U.S. Constitution was ratified there. After being rebuilt after a fire, merchants sold goods there. It is not the fault of a building that a wrong-headed society once considered human beings to be goods.

Today, the Market House is a community meeting place, the site of everything from prayer vigils to anti-war demonstrations to Tea Party rallies to a Black Lives Matter march.

It truly belongs to all the people.


I grew up in Fayetteville hearing the Market House was a slave market. In short, I heard wrong.

History is messy. Slavery represents an everlasting stain on the country, and it was an American tragedy, not just a Southern one.


But history is history, and trying to erase it will only leave us blind.

Better to try to understand it, and learn.scv

I believe it was George Santayana who  wrote (in The Life of Reason, 1905) : “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

This strategy all makes sense for the left.  They can’t woo the people with their issues.  Their policy stands have deposited us deeply into our current economic mess.  An election is coming up in 2016.  The lefties need SOMETHING to rally their base.  Scaring their low-information followers with visions of the return of slavery looks like the route they’re betting it all on.

Too bad.  That’s not going to put people back to work.  That’s not going to turn this economy around.  That’s not going to ensure there is something positive for future generations in this country.

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  1. Thank you for this timely essay which puts the lie to the smear campaign against all things Confederate and Southern. Isn’t it interesting that both the liberal Republican Establishment and the leftwing NAACP Democrats are both behind this campaign of hate and destruction. The RNC has pressured Southern GOP governors to destroy any remnant of southern heritage to protect liberal Jeb Bush who has already called the Confederate flag a “racist” symbol. Sadly, McCrory mindlessly jumped right into the fray by trying to destroy the NC Sons of Confederate Veterans. As for the Democrats, well they have to rev up their low information voters for the next election. Is it any wonder that historically-minded Southerners are fed up with both political parties?

  2. You blame the Left for all this but in both SC and NC it was GOP Governors that started the call to remove the flag from State property including NC license plates. And GOP legislators from RINO to Conservative have joined in also.

    1. Yes, the left is very much to blame. Cowardly Republican politicians wilted under a vicious orgy of hate from the liberal media against the Confederate flag. Liberal hate groups were also heavily involved.

      We do not need to let the spineless cowards like Haley, Bentley, McConnell, Boehner, and McCrory off the hook, of course, but all of them are spineless by their very nature on just about any issue. We need elected officials with the ‘nads to just say ”no” to the left wing propagandists of the media.

      1. The zeitgeist is volatile everywhere, all the more important for the United States to take a deep breath. We are watching the savage annihilation of culture and diversity in the actions of ISIS as they kill and destroy; they have silent hives in the USA who are threading the loom of distrust, confusion and self-hate among us. Let’s stop this, for ourselves as a people unified for civil rights decades ago, and respected across the globe.

        We are being “seeded” with these ridiculous drives to turn incidents into generalizations, and slap together laws to correct national (really?) issues. This is not to reject hearing out constituents inside our society and responding with respect and recognition.

  3. JBP: I don’t entirely blame the left; yes, they have piled on but you are correct that in both NC and SC, our carpetbagger governors started this political correctness insanity. So I do blame the Republicans for the most part. The RNC Chairman demanded all Southern GOP governors to go after anything Confederate because the Republican Northern Establishment despises the conservative southern voters that are the most loyal element of the party’s base. As a result, SC Governor Haley is being praised for “rising above her region” and is touted by the northern press as a good VP possibility since she is trashing southern heritage. McCrory is no better; he is vindictively trying to crush the Sons of Confederate Veterans in North Carolina. His efforts so far have backfired because our legislature still has some backbone, unlike the South Carolina legislature. All of this just goes to show that the Republican Party is a fraud—talks conservative, but no different than the liberals. People are finally figuring this out.

  4. I just read that a Muslim from Kuwait murdered four Marines in Tennessee. Let’s see if Governor Haley and Governor McCrory try to blame these killings on the Confederate flag! Isn’t it interesting that anytime a radical Muslim murders someone, all our political leaders go to great pains to claim that Islam is a religion of peace and the killer is not representative of Islam. But when a drug-crazed nutcase shoots blacks in South Carolina, then the Republican Establishment and the NAACP launch a vicious campaign against southern heritage organizations, monuments, and confederate veterans themselves. Such hypocrisy!! I’m just waiting for McCrory to launch another attack on the SCV for what happened in Tennessee.


      “The gay rainbow flag is seen by many Christians as a symbol of hate and oppression — and for good reason. Under that banner, there has been an all-out assault by the media and the Left against our religious freedoms. . .

      Moreover, the defiant act of flying of the gay rainbow flag, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same sex marriage in all 50 states, is undoubtedly offensive to devout Muslims, and therefore provocative.

      It is time to shame and marginalize the gay rainbow flag — this offensive, provocative symbol of hate and oppression must be tossed on the ash bin of history…

      Before it kills again.”

      Read more at:

  5. Southerners need to push back. Never give a nickel to the RNC. Never vote for a politician who is anti-heritage, no matter how bad the opponent is. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

    Maybe southern conservatives need to form our own regional party to replace the GOP, sort of like the CSU in Bavaria, that runs as an ally of but a distinct separate party from the CDU. That gives them the freedom to criticize their ally when they need to.

    Yankee RNC chairman Reince Priebus of Michigan and his rank anti-southern bigotry are appalling.

    1. Until the government and the fools we elected fear us, nothing will change. Kate Steinle was shot dead in the streets of San Francisco–where were the protests?? Yet another Muslim killing our own — will there be protests? Anyone taking to the streets to demand an investigation of the butchers at Planned Parenthood?? Put Cooper on the spot for supporting these female Mengeles. Has anyone protested at June Atkinson office for the rotten state of nc schools under her 14 year tenure?? But rest assured if one of the protected class is harmed in any way, the streets break out in riots. Our temerity, repeated support for pansies, poor messaging, complete dearth of sane conservative candidates and our continued silence are why we are in this dismal state to begin with.

  6. Mass hysteria needs tending to keep the heat of emotion. Without that component society is less mailable to leftist desires.

    In Hillsborough the Minnesotan born, UK educated curator of the Confederate Memorial Library has (with the aid of another carpetbagger progressive), caused such a stir over the name on the building that the town counsel has voted it removed.
    This action has lit a fire in a few reborn conservatives. That… and the declaration of “I don’t care if 6000 citizens vote to leave the name alone..” statement by a counsel member, has given impetus for republicans to run for the off year elections this Nov.

    Ideally this PC wave wakes up a few more citizens around the south and nation to act as well. Chances are however… in other locations the 145 year monolith of singular democrat rule has already fallen once or twice.
    I hope that everywhere this new fire is lit, those using it emphasize anti authoritarian goals rather than heritage

  7. Politicians from either party will rue the day they try to destroy Southern History and Culture. If Republicans think they will every get a single black vote by doing this, they are in denial.

    1. Oh please. Southern History and Culture are NOT going anywhere. One flag is off the SC State grounds and a 3″ X 3″ image MIGHT come off about 2,000 NC license plates but we will still see it everywhere as we do now. It is the Conservatives who are blowing this issue (of removal) out of proportion.

      1. The flag in SC has been callously snatched off of a war memorial, which act dishonors out dead soldiers. The race hustlers and race pimps and haters are trying to take it off specialty license plates that honor our southern veterans. But that is not half the story. They are renaming streets and other public facilities, threatening to remove monuments and even dig up graves. This whole hate campaign cheerled by the liberal media is an affront to American democracy. It resembles more the book burnings of Nazi Germany or the destruction of historic structures and artifacts by ISIS and the Taliban.


  8. It all depends on how Hillary sees it.

    If she thinks she will get more votes by beating up the South then get ready for the barrage.

    If she thinks she needs to let it rest until after she is the White House then she will call off the attack dogs.

    Either way it is coming. The Republicans are running and hiding already. As we have many carpetbaggers in public office I doubt they have much sympathy for the plight of Southern heritage.

  9. Very good article Mr. Clifton! There is certainly a smear campaign being waged against Southern Culture, our Christian Values and the Independent Spirit we live by in North Carolina and throughout the South. The Liberal Fascist Media intends to destroy our spirit and pride by attacking the symbols of our heritage. They intimidated the GOP officials in South Carolina led by their spineless Governor. The voters of SC will have the last word there.

    There are 70 million Americans who trace their lineage to the Confederacy. There are millions of North Carolinians who trace their lineage to the Confederacy. We are a proud and independent people who carry the spirit of the Founding Fathers within us. We carry the courage of our Confederate Ancestors within us who put everything on the line, just as their Grandparents did, to stand up for the rights of the people against an oppressive government.

    The “Drive By Media” as you correctly call them, are fueled by the Liberal Fascists and their power brokers. Their campaign to exterminate our history is taken directly from the ISIS playbook.

    We North Carolinians must take a stand now and stop it. Today it’s Confederate Heritage and Southern Pride. Tomorrow, what will be in their sights?

  10. Dear Conservatives,

    It’s time we start playing offense, don’t you agree? Here’s a really good place to begin:

    Time to Take Down the Rainbow Flag

    “Those flags are just offensive. The best part about getting rid of the LGBT offices is that we can get rid of those rainbow flags that remind so many people of oppression and intolerance. Who among us hasn’t heard of someone who lost a photography business, or a bakery, or a flower shop because they refused to celebrate homosexuality against their will? Of course, private citizens have every right to own and display the rainbow flag. But governments have a moral obligation to refrain from sponsoring symbols that offend basic principles of fairness and decency.”

    Read the whole magnificent article at:

    1. Who among us hasn’t heard of someone who lost a photography business, or a bakery, or a flower shop because they refused to celebrate homosexuality against their will?
      I Have not. If Conservative figures are to be believed, only 3% of our population is Gay/LGBT. If that small percentage of a business’s customers would cause it to shut down it would seem that the business has a failed business plan.

      1. Here is one of a growing number of these religious persecutions of Christian bakers. photographers, and florists by the homosexual extremists, sometimes called the Gaystapo:

        These Oregon bakers were fined $135,000 by an Oregon bureaucrat for refusing to violate their religious principles by participating in a homosexual wedding by baking a cake for it. They were not even given a right to a jury trial.

      2. Of course, it isn’t really the percentages that matter, here, is it, JBP?

        As the Left constantly reminds us . . .

        it’s the principle of the damned thing.

        Suck it up, Buttercup. Better buy yourself one of those rainbow flag thingies, before they’re banned.


        1. I have no need for a rainbow flag or any other flag for that matter. I am not very tied to material symbols. If I was I know I could have one and have a Confederate flag too, as they are NOT banned for private use.
          As for percentages, you are correct. Granting consenting adults in LGBT relationships marriage is about respecting humans and removing hateful restrictions on people.

        2. If someone, anyone is offended then it needs to come down. After years of oppressing those who may not hold their views the flag has become a symbol of hate!

          1. It seems like you are the one with the hate, Doug. You and the haters and race baiters in Big Media.

            The recent CNN poll clearly showed that most Americans view the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of southern pride, not racism.

  11. Not pointing fingers at anyone. The plain and simple truth is we must Preserve our history in this country no matter what!

  12. The Legislature must pass the monuments bill S22 to protect all monuments in North Carolina.
    As a veteran I want the history of all our veterans both current and past to be remembered for their service to the Country and States where they are and we’re from.


  13. Two of my 2nd great grandfathers fought in the War for Southern Independence. The one I used to enter the Sons of Confederate Veterans was Phillip Samuel Beach. He enlisted on April 21, 1861 at 43 years of age leaving behind a wife and three children. He was a common laborer, a cooper by trade. He answered the call of duty to defend his homestead and the southern way of life. He was a simple man of simple means but his courage and his conviction were above reproach. He was assigned to the Loudoun Light Artillery and was present at the 1st Battle of Manassas. He was later transferred to Stribling’s Light Artillery and remained with them until the end of the war. After the war he returned home to put back the pieces of his shattered family and life. He became a farmer and lived to be 79 years old. His service and that of all Confederate soldiers was recognized and hailed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on December 6, 1960 making their status as soldiers and sailors equal to those of their Northern counterparts. That their service should be considered no less than should be afforded to any other veteran of the United States of America. Look at what we have become in just 55 years! It is a disgrace that we should ever turn our backs on any veteran of this great land. When I was 11 years old I went to the reenactment of the 1st Battle of Manassas with my family not knowing that my 2nd great grandfather had fought in that battle. I remember the excitement and pride of the spectators on both sides of history as the battle unfolded. There was general enthusiasm for the bravery of the men no matter which Battle Flag was flown. After learning of my ancestry, I and my wife attended the Sesquicentennial reenactment of the 1st Battle of Manassas. Then at 61, I saw the battle through different eyes. Roaming the battlefield when it was all over, I came across a series of 8 cannons facing Henry Hill. There was a plaque which told the story of those cannons, two of which were manned by the men under the leadership of Captain Arthur L Rogers. They were the Loudoun Light Artillery! You cannot possibly imagine the amount of pride I had standing there knowing that this was where my ancestor fought. I urge all State Legislators to think for a moment. History teaches us valuable lessons whether they be good or bad. Without history we are doomed to make the same mistakes of the past. Honoring our veterans is all we seek. We denounce anyone who would use our symbols to further their hate or ascribe to their agenda. Please do not turn your backs on our veterans. They deserve the gratitude of a strong nation under God with freedom and justice for all.

  14. Uh-oh. From what I see on another site, among the Democrats that liberal Speaker Moore appointed as budget conferees were BOTH of the co-chairman of the House Democrat committee against the Confederate flag. Since we don’t know the rest of the members of that committee, we don’t know how many more of them are also among those 19 Democrat conferees.

    So, Moore excludes the conservatives from his own party who would most likely defend the flag but appoint the key players among the Democrats who are attacking it. Is there a sneaky and underhanded plot afoot, organized by Tim Moore to slip a provision in the budget to insult our Confederate veteran ancestors by denying the CSA veteran organization its license plates? With the conservatives banished from the House conferees, would the Republican members meekly go along? Would the Senate let them get away with it? There would probably not even be a roll call to tell the good guys from the bad.

    If Moore is behind such a dishonest and sleazy trick, he risks a lot for the Republican Party. Southern heritage voters who usually vote GOP, probably would not if a stunt like that were pulled. See GOP Governor David Beasley’s reelection loss in SC after he dishonored the Confederate flag. The first casualty would be Governor McCrory. Stick a fork in him, he’s done after such a power play, that he will be blamed for because he called for removal of the license plates. Indeed, that move may make it unlikely that any Republican could win statewide in 2016. Like what happened in SC, there would also likely be political casualties in the legislature as well.

    Lets hope that someone in the Speakers office has the common sense and political savvy not to pull the pin on this grenade and blow up the Republican Party, or that Berger firmly puts his foot down to stop it..

  15. The thing with these leftist revisionists is that they will never be satisfied with just getting rid of the Confederate flag.
    Now, they want all statues and memorials of Confederate soldiers/generals removed, the grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest dug up; and the loons even want the Jackson-Lee-Davis Memorial on Stone Mountain Georgia sand blasted off!
    You give them a hand, they want an arm. Time to make a stand.

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