Get Ready. Here it comes.

The Left has hconfad a field day blaming a whole lot of terrible things on the fact that Confederate flag imagery even exists.  They and their drive-by media allies browbeat South Carolina’s government into taking the flag off the statehouse grounds. All kinds of calls are going up to remove Confederate monuments and rename military bases and other buildings named after anyone who had any remote connection to the Confederacy.  Tactics that would make the Maoists or even the warm-fuzzy types in ISIS proud. 

We reported earlier about NC House Democrat plans to start work on banning the Sons of Confederate Veterans license tag.  North Carolina-based lefties Progress NC Action  (run by a former WTVD ABC11 reporter) are ramping up a campaign to pressure the governor and the legislature to ban the license plate.

North Carolina legislators are pushing legislation that puts decisions about monuments and other historical artifacts or markers in the hands of the legislature. The drivebys are trying to tie it to the current hysteria over Charleston — but this bill was first introduced in February. 

Lefties are even trying to remove the Old Market House from the logo of The City of Fayetteville.    I usually don’t agree with Myron Pitts, the Fayetteville Observer columnist and Barry Saunders wannabe, but on this issue — I do:

[…] I suspect research will underscore that Fayetteville’s centerpiece structure was not a slave market, but, like George Washington, tells an expansive story far beyond that one

The original building housed state government, and the U.S. Constitution was ratified there. After being rebuilt after a fire, merchants sold goods there. It is not the fault of a building that a wrong-headed society once considered human beings to be goods.

Today, the Market House is a community meeting place, the site of everything from prayer vigils to anti-war demonstrations to Tea Party rallies to a Black Lives Matter march.

It truly belongs to all the people.


I grew up in Fayetteville hearing the Market House was a slave market. In short, I heard wrong.

History is messy. Slavery represents an everlasting stain on the country, and it was an American tragedy, not just a Southern one.


But history is history, and trying to erase it will only leave us blind.

Better to try to understand it, and learn.scv

I believe it was George Santayana who  wrote (in The Life of Reason, 1905) : “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

This strategy all makes sense for the left.  They can’t woo the people with their issues.  Their policy stands have deposited us deeply into our current economic mess.  An election is coming up in 2016.  The lefties need SOMETHING to rally their base.  Scaring their low-information followers with visions of the return of slavery looks like the route they’re betting it all on.

Too bad.  That’s not going to put people back to work.  That’s not going to turn this economy around.  That’s not going to ensure there is something positive for future generations in this country.