UNC, BofA among top donors to Planned Parenthood

ppA video showing a Planned Parenthood employee purportedly negotiating to sell body parts of dead babies is dominating the news right now.  The group, which has long held itself out as a health organization / women’s rights group, is in a tough PR predicament. The video appears to confirm an awful lot of what pro-life activists have been saying about Planned Parenthood.

It’s well known that Planned Parenthood has feasted for decades on taxpayer dollars.  They also get plenty of private money.  We found a list of Planned Parenthood’s top donors since 2010 — and found TWO North Carolina connected organizations.

In the 2014 cycleunc, Planned Parenthood received $10,000 from the University of North Carolina.  In the 2012 election cycle, Charlotte-based Bank of America donated $2,500 to Planned Parenthood. 



6 thoughts on “UNC, BofA among top donors to Planned Parenthood

  1. That is horrifying. Planned Parenthood preys on desperate women then gets them to consent to “donate” parts to “science.” The employee says that she has no idea what people want certain parts for or what they intend to do with it, stating “maybe they want muscle,” etc. Yet planned parenthood claims in their counter statement that they are doing a humanitarian activity, for a good cause.

    1. Yes, humanitarian activity as defined by Margaret Sanger and her followers. Late second term abortion and later to harvest body parts. Population control for fun and profit. And, Sanger is one of Hillary’s heroes. Bird of a feather, eh? Going to be interesting to watch Planned Parenthood disintegrate.

  2. I hope the money UNC gave away did not come from taxpayer money used to support the behemoth.

    In any case it is hard to understand how they can give anything as each day the UNC-system hits the media with stories of impending doom over budget cuts but the Republican General Assembly. From the sound of their moaning I doubt UNC will be able to afford to buy the footballs necessary to even finish one game.

  3. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but considering the UNC item is in the “From individuals” column, does that not mean that it came from individuals employed by UNC, rather than from UNC itself?

  4. Now wait a minute! Weren’t we told by Planned Parenthood and the Femi Nazis that abortion was just about an “unviable tissue mass”?
    Gee, then how come we see Planned Parenthood doctors laughing and joking over the price of human body parts, while they sip their cabernet and eat salad?
    Margaret Sanger was a racist, and advocated abortion to control the “undesirables” (AKA: black people).
    If the Nazi doctors in the WWII concentration camps had been doing this, they’d have been tried and hung for crimes against humanity (some were).
    God speed the demise of Planned Parenthood!

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