NC-02: #ASKHERWHY (Go ahead. Ask Her.)

It appears filing for office will be moved up to DECEMBER and the images-3primaries will take place in MARCH.  That will likely ensure the political fireworks get off to an early start.

We’ve already been treated to some bomb-throwing from the Daly family.    Now, it appears Chatham County’s Jim Duncan has some rather pointed questions for the second district’s controversial incumbent:

    • Why did Renee Ellmers vote against deporting illegal aliens who are convicted of rape and other sexual crimes? She was THE ONLY REPUBLICAN in Congress who voted against the Desantis Amendment, which would have prioritized their deportation. (RC #31, 01/14/15)
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers vote to fund Obamacare despite promising to repeal it when she ran for office in 2010? (RC #579, 09/13/12)
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers lead the effort to kill the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that prevented late-term abortions at 20 weeks – the age when doctors say babies can feel pain? (National Journal, 01/16/15)
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers call pro-life groups “abhorrent” and “childish”?images-2
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers embrace Obamacare, saying “it’s not all bad”? (The News & Observer, 08/20/15)
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers vote to cut the Air Force every single year she has been in office? Thanks to her votes, the Air Force has decreased by 21,900 airmen and officers. National Defense Authorization acts of: 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers cut military take-home for all service members? (Military Times, 12/05/14) (RC #240, 05/22/14)
    • Why is Rep. Ellmers the most liberal Republican in the North Carolina congressional delegation? She has received the lowest conservative ranking score from key action groups: Conservative Review (52/F), Heritage (54)
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers refuse to sign a letter to Speaker Boehner pledging to oppose all spending bills that contain funding for Planned Parenthood?
    • Why did Rep. Ellmers vote to increase the debt ceiling TWICE to the tune of $2.5 trillion? (RC #690, 08/01/11) (RC #30, 01/23/13)images

Those sound like some GREAT questions.  If you see her — and that is a big IF, since she rarely ventures south of Wake County when,um, “visiting” her district — be sure to press her for some answers.  The drive-bys won’t do it.  She won’t tell the truth in her campaign ads.  We have to get these answers ourselves.