NC-02: Lil’ Guv rushes to Big Govt Barbie’s defense (with LIES, of course)

Patrick Sebastian is blessed with some great DNA.  It’s helped b181fe3444ed401a45463a0c2d14a8ae_400x400him advance his career in politics like you wouldn’t believe.  As the governor’s nephew (hence the nickname Lil’ Guv), he’s landed a sweet job in the governor’s campaign, the state party, and NOW with the campaign apparatus of congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

Team Ellmers is apparently feeling some heat from challenger Jim Duncan.  Duncan is the only one of Ellmers’s four primary opponents to be competitive with the incumbent in fundraising.  He’s made inroads with conservatives in the district, in DC, and nationwide.  For the first time since sending ‘Boom Boom’ Etheridge back to Harnett County in 2010, Nee-Nee Ellmers has a real fight on her hands.

In today’s edition of our local Pulitzer-Prize winning local paper, barbieTeam Ellmers trotted out Lil’ Guv to declare — with a straight face — that Duncan wants to “defund” our military: 

[…] Patrick Sebastian, a senior adviser on Ellmers’ campaign, fired back that Duncan is already “in the pocket” of the Club for Growth PAC. He pointed out that many of the individual donors listed on Duncan’s campaign report have come through the conservative national network. Those contributions total nearly $62,000. That is on top of $49,163 from the Club for Growth PAC.

“It’s kind of sad that he has submitted to this special interest group before he is even elected,” Sebastian said.

He added that most of the donors associated with the group live elsewhere in the country, while the majority of Ellmers’ individual contributions came from North Carolina residents.

The Club for Growth is a national network of over 100,000 pro-growth, limited-government Americans. It says on its website that it is the only organization that is willing and able to take on any member of Congress on policy “who fails to uphold basicjd economic conservative principles…regardless of party.”

Sebastian chastised the group and Duncan for being out of step with the district when it comes to supporting the military and veterans, saying they opposed increased defense funding, which is need to fight ISIS. He said Ellmers supports strengthening the military and taking care of veterans.

“He is not even in D.C., and he wants to defund our military,” Sebastian said of Duncan. “It shows his priorities. It is kind of pathetic. He is weak on defense.”

As far as the fundraising, Sebastian said the Ellmers’ campaign is having what he termed “the best quarter ever.”

“We are confident with where we are,” he said. “Jim Duncan is retired and has time to pander to the special interests and ask people for money. Renee is working in Washington, doing what she was elected to do. We are not taking this for granted.” […]

I think that has to set a record for most lies packed into the fewest paragraphs ever.  Where to begin?

mouthFirst, Lil’ Guv has the nerve to criticize Duncan for “submitting” to special interests.  Seriously?  Ellmers has raked in — as of the end of the year — nearly $700,000 from PACs and lobbyists with business before the Congress.  THAT is 2/3 of her total fundraising haul! (What are they expecting in exchange for that, um, generosity?) And let’s not forget the nearly $200,000 from that union and George Soros-affiliated PAC.

Meanwhile, we’re expected to gasp with horror about Duncan’s roughly $100,000 from Club For Growth sources.  Really?  The only thing The Club for Growth asks for is a devotion to less taxes, less spending, and more freedom for individuals.  In other words, what the GOP platform says.  In other words, what Renee Ellmers was elected to do in 2010 — but has failed to do.. 

The last time I checked, Duncan can’t vote to alter federal regulations for or transfer cash to a political ally.  Ellmers CAN. And HASellmers1

And let’s not forget that crap about “defunding” the military.  Really?  Jim Duncan has served in the military.  His campaign manager is an Army Special Forces veteran.  He’s got all kinds of Special Forces vets lining up to help his campaign.  Would THAT bunch of guys really back someone seeking to defund our military? 

The military is like any other government agency.  It is loaded with bureaucrats wasting money left and right.  Duncan, and the Club for Growth, are all about smart money management.  They seek to end the practice of politicians using bases and weaponry as economic development or “job creation” tools.  Things like forcing the Pentagon to keep building a weapon they don’t need or want — all for the sake of keeping a factory in a committee chairman’s district running. 

shes lyingThis punk Sebastian isn’t fit to shine Jim Duncan’s shoes. This kid has gotten everything he has thanks to his uncle, the governor.

Jim Duncan is a military vet, a retired senior exec with a successful international business, a community leader, and a Christian who walks the walk in addition to talking the talk.  Neither Renee Ellmers nor any of the cabal of twenty-something clingers-on around her can come close to holding a candle to him.

Team Ellmers has a lot to answer for, itself.  Her repeated votes to jack up the federal debt and fully fund ObamaCare, amnesty, and Planned Parenthood, for starters.