#ncpol: Up in the air

Look-up1That’s what our primaries — congressional ones, at least — appear to be for now.

Way back in 1990, DC said we HAD to come up with districts to ensure minority representation.  The left was overjoyed.

In present day, the left has apparently figured out that it shot itself in the foot with that strategy. In creating the majority-minority districts, black voters were peeled out of districts that had been electing moderate Democrats for years.  As a result, you got a bunch of new Republican-leaning districts.

Now, the same crowd that hollered for those majority-minority districts is now claiming they are unjust and discriminatory.  And it appears the same federal judge who struck down North Carolina’s marriage amendment — claiming gay marriage was somewhere in that dad-gum constitution — has given this crowd what they want. 

Now, unless the federal 4th Circuit or the US Supreme Court step in, our congressional primaries are TBD. barberhands

This was quite an Alinsky move.  The court action was timed just right to inflict as much chaos as possible.  People have already voted absentee.  What happens to those votes — especially if those voters are shoved into some other district? 

From what I understand, the honorables on Jones Street have two weeks to make changes and submit them to the feds for approval.

If they have to re-invent the wheel, an interesting place to start might be along the border with South Carolina.  In the 1990s redistricting hubbub, there was some serious Three young men looking upconsideration of creating a majority minority district along the border in southeastern North Carolina (taking pieces of the 7th and 8th district, now represented respectively by David Rouzer and Richard Hudson).   You would have been talking about places like Hoke, Scotland, Richmond, Anson, Robeson, Bladen, Columbus, and Sampson counties, among others. A new district there would be more compact and likely to pass muster with the feds. 

This just goes to show that Bill Barber and the gang’s primary interests are sewing chaos and sticking it to whitey a/k/a “the Republicans”.  What fun would they have if race wasn’t a big deal, anymore? 


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  1. Try drawing a compact majority-minority district in SE NC. It’s impossible. The population is not dense enough there to do it. A majority-minority district in SE NC is only possible by expanding out into Fayetteville and other African-American rich towns dotting across NC. In other words, it would look a lot worse that the current NC-1 and NC-12 districts.

  2. Bingo on this being an Alinsky type move. I recently read RULES FOR RADICALS. Interestingly Hillary and B O both were mentioned on the back cover as having been astute followers of Alinsky.
    In the spring of 09 i read THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO by Karl Marx. So glad I did. Having done so has made understanding leftist politics a bit easier. The leftist mindset is focused on division and chaos that is for sure. Buckle your seatbelts. The election process we are currently experiencing is sure to be lively and uglier. It is as the Hildabeast once said ” all about the fight”. The fight is FREE MARKET capitalism against STATISM which umbrellas all of the other isms.

    Browny Douglas

  3. What is appalling is that we still have a GOP-led US Senate out confirming radical Obama appointees to the federal courts! And those idiots Burr and Tillis just keep voting for them. It is all Mitch ”Benedict Arnold” McConnell’s idea of ”governing”.

    The Democrats called a halt to approving GOP judicial appointees in a GOP president’s second term. Why has this same policy not been visited upon Obama?

    Indeed, when Obama started his cram downs of un-Constitutional executive orders, some conservatives called for retaliation of shutting down ALL Obama appointees. Instead, Mitch McConnell and his establishment flunkies like Burr and Tillis just keep giving Obama everything he wants, no matter what he does.

    With ”Republicans” like McConnell, Burr, and Tillis, who needs Democrats? Ted Cruz got it right when he called McConnell ”the best Senate leader the Democrats have ever had”.

  4. Mr. Wonder you are correct. I wrote about this earlier. Generally, when there is an opposition party in the senate majority, senators post pone federal lifetime appointments for lame duck presidents. But, we have democrats running all three executive branches so they will keep approving them as fast as they can.

    1. That’s why my county party started picking and choosing which Republican office holders/seekers we bother to bust our butts to get elected anymore. It just isn’t worth it, only to have the Burrs, Tillises, and McCrorys stab us in the back after we spent all that time, treasure and, oh yeah, reputation and credibility to get them elected.

  5. People are just starting to figure out how corrupt and rotten to the core the Republican Establishment is. A few of us have known this for a long time.

    1. The Republican establishment would more accurately be called the Special Interest Republicans, because they serve the interests of the special interests rather than the interests of Republican voters. The special interests have far too many rent boys (and girls) in both Raleigh and Washington.

      We need to defeat them with grassroots Republicans in the primaries.

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