Raleigh cartel unleashes on LaPaglia

laughSome of you may have heard about this Jones+Blount web site.  It’s backed financially by some big Pat McCrory donors and staffed by some former McCrory aides.   It’s literally “state-run media.”  The site gives you the propaganda the McCrory administration and the Raleigh cartel wants you to see and hear.

The site has already aided in smearing one of Gov. Pat’s primary opponents.  Now, they appear to be unloading some opposition research on a GOP candidate for secretary of state.

A few nights back, we had a candidate’s forum in Pinehurst.  A rather cryptic question about “personal finances” and how important they are for the secretary of state job came from the audience.  Candidate Michael LaPaglia was obviously caught off guard by the question.  But his opponent, AJ Daoud, sat there grinning like — as Senator Helms used to say — a jackass eating briers.  He expected it.

Well, Jones + Blount has revealed what was behind that question.  They’ve breathlessly exposed the fact  (Under the headline  “Defendant LaPaglia”) that LaPaglia had foreclosure proceedings dismissed against him.06a63fd   That’s right, dismissed.

I think you might be surprised at HOW MANY people in recent years have faced unprecedented financial problems — thanks to the economic climate facilitated by an unfortunate abundance of amoral, unethical, low-IQ politicians.  

It appears LaPaglia resolved the issue.  The proceedings were dismissed.  I’d say it’s admirable that he cleaned up his mess himself.  

Apparently, this kid-glove treatment the Raleigh Cartel is giving AJ is rooted in his decision to drop out of the contentious state GOP chairman’s race last year.

c0UbV7HaAJ claimed on social media that his family had been threatened, and THAT was the reason he dropped out.  We can’t find any police report based on those alleged threats.

(Many have suggested the drop-out was part of a deal cut with Cartel reps to clear the way for the cartel candidate in the chairman’s race.  Judas got 30 pieces of silver.  What did AJ get?  A path, cleared by the cartel, to the secretary of state nomination? ) 

Funny (not ha-ha).  These alleged threateners were riled up about him running for NCGOP chairman, but NOT secretary of state — which is clearly a more powerful and influential position? 

And while we’re on the subject of finances — J+B was quite silent on the mystery surrounding the $10,000 fine handed down against Daoud by the state board of elections.  AJ says the fine was wiped out by the board.  But there is no documentation in the public domain stating that.  You would think a decision like that would be written down somewhere.  

At least Michael LaPaglia had documentation that his issues had been resolved.

8 thoughts on “Raleigh cartel unleashes on LaPaglia

  1. When I first saw this circulating, I thought to myself, “this isn’t a hit piece is it?” Amateur move and it clearly is connected with AJ’s campaign. It’ll hurt AJ more than it will hurt LaPaglia.

    1. AJ really has no room to talk about financial issues, his background is shady, his 10k fine is unresolved, and his biggest donor is himself. His campaign loans are over 165k as of the latest report.

      Why does AJ want to be an elected official so bad? What is his end game?

  2. My once-high opinion of LaPaglia’s opponent has really taken some hits lately, but then again, membership on the Central Committee seems to be a corrupting experience for most. Was torn on who to vote for in this race, but am now thinking that it’s all very clear.

  3. When Ted Cruz talks about the washington cartel I can understand exactly what he is talking about because I seen is grow and grown inside the NCgop to the point now that it might not be stopable.

  4. Of coarse it’s stoppable. We need to stop sending the same people, to make the same bad decisions. If we keep voting for the same people, we are the problem.

  5. OK so AJ is a inch short of stepping into the abyss of illegality what’s it matter. He’s a shyster that makes him all the more electable as a Republican candidate these days in NC. AJ is one of those candidates who will run for every office until he gets elected to anything. AJ is here to stay for all to pity, snicker at behind his back as they do now even though his political star has crashed and burned.

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