Brawley: Raleigh planning tolls for EVERYBODY (Murphy to Manteo)

payupRepublican gubernatorial candidate — and former legislator — Robert Brawley says that the uproar over tolls on I-77 in Mecklenburg is not simply a local issue:

[…] Brawley says he started looking into the issue of tolling as a means to pay for the state’s transportation needs after the DOT told him about plans for tolls along I-77, near Charlotte.

“I sat down with (then) DOT Secretary Tony Tata and three lawyers. I was informed that l really needed to support the tolls on I-77 because that was the beginning of tolling every interstate corridor in North Carolina,” Brawley told the I-Team.braw

“It seems to me that I-95 was sixth or seventh on the list to toll roads across all interstate corridors in North Carolina,” Brawley said.

A spokesperson for the DOT says there are no plans to toll every interstate in North Carolina and wouldn’t comment on Brawley’s allegations that he was told that by the former Secretary of Transportation.

But despite those assurances and the fact that no such plans appear to exist, Brawley isn’t buying it.

“It’s my understanding,” he said, ” that the plan is for managed lanes to be the beginning, ultimately going to full tolled roads to pay for transportation needs in North Carolina.” […] 

shakeSo, it’s not enough to saddle us with the southeast’s — and one of the nation’s — highest gas taxes.  They’re going to hit us again for something they are already supposed to be paying for with gas tax revenue.  

The I-77 toll issue has fired up a grassroots rebellion across Mecklenburg County — costing some local pols their jobs and forcing some other incumbents to run for their political lives.

2010 and 2012 simply gave us a new set of money-changers in the temple.  We’ve got to take our state capital back before it’s too late. 


9 thoughts on “Brawley: Raleigh planning tolls for EVERYBODY (Murphy to Manteo)

  1. You might consider promoting more legislative candidates as UNAFFILATED INDEPENDENTS. That’s the best place for real conservatives. The corruption of the political system is no place for a self-respecting conservative.

    1. I am quite surprised that no one is gearing up to do just that on Jason Saine. His finances and voting record are a target rich environment. A conservative independent could eat his lunch in a general election challenge, and there are a few more Obama Republicans in the same situation, with no primary and no Democrat filed.

  2. Would love to see a real conservative take out Jeff Collins who supports drivers licenses for illegals. And George Rino Holding who voted for Paul Ryan and the cromnibus among other things.

  3. When they came to Asheville in Sept. 2014, to promote the NCVision25 plan, I asked Pat McCrory and Anthony Tata if we could expect tolls to come to I-26 as part of the planned widening, etc.

    They clearly didn’t expect to be asked about it, and gave contradictory and somewhat stumbly non-answers.

    “Not in the plans at this point in time,” “Examining perhaps, say, all options,” “HOV lanes, pay lanes, tolling in certain areas to pay for new roads”, etc.

    How is “pay lanes” not tolling?

    Audio here:

  4. hey Barry Summers.. being an activist lieberal progressive, I’d think you would LOVE toll roads for NC …?

    1. And you’d be wrong. The fact that I was the only person at a crowded press conference to even ask about tolls on I-26 should tell you something.

      Go ahead – keep trying to find a way to turn this into a left vs right issue. They need your help in order to divide us and get away with this.

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