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In defense of Dana Rohrabacher

A lot of you may not know much about this obscure California congressman.  He’s been around DC for a while.  He’s in the Walter Jones — Thomas Massie — Justin Amash camp on a lot of issues that come before the House.  When his name popped…

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Raleigh cartel unleashes on LaPaglia

Some of you may have heard about this Jones+Blount web site.  It’s backed financially by some big Pat McCrory donors and staffed by some former McCrory aides.   It’s literally “state-run media.”  The site gives you the propaganda the McCrory administration and the Raleigh cartel…

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#ncpol: It’s gettin’ NASTY out there.

It was cold in Pinehurst Thursday night, but there was a lot of heat in the forum for Council of State candidates.  So much, in fact, that the fire alarms went off near the end of the affair.  The two races that appear to be…

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Guns. Mental Health. Elaine Marshall. (Need we say more?)

      This news from Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s Twitter feed  is a wee bit old, but we thought it was worth sharing: *I wonder which part she was invited to talk about?* 

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Pants on Fire: The N&O keeps the hits (against GOP candidates) coming

South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson wants to have a word with N&O staff writer Austin Baird.  It’s pretty typical for the media to wait until the weeks before a big election before doing profiles on the candidates.  The Raleigh News & Observer newsroom takes it…

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TWO MILLION Ponzi scheme victims want to know: Where was Elaine?

Media reports indicate that a Lexington, NC -based corporation may have defrauded as many as TWO MILLION PEOPLE with an alleged Ponzi scheme.  The NC Secretary of State’s office regulates and oversees corporations doing business in the state.  That office ALSO is charged with investigating…

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Walter Dalton loans ‘Gunga Din’ to Elaine Marshall

  In marking their recent anniversary, the folks at The Ol’ Reliable kept talking about how they long ago shirked their role as chief shill and water-carrier for the NC Democrat Party. Well, after reading their election coverage this year, I’d like to offer a hearty …

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NC Secretary of State debate: Goodwin lays the smack down, Marshall dodges and lies about her record

        The two candidates on the November ballot for North Carolina Secretary of State faced off in a spirited debate in Raleigh Thursday evening.  Incumbent Secretary of State Elaine Marshall is arguably facing her toughest challenger yet — Republican and former federal…

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Secretary of State debate on Thursday

Anything hosted IN THE TRIANGLE at a UNITARIAN CHURCH by THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS and THE NC CENTER FOR VOTER EDUCATION looks like sure trouble for a Republican candidate. But  GOP Secretary of State nominee Ed Goodwin — a former federal law enforcement officer…

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Meet Ed Goodwin, candidate for NC Secretary of State

Most people, when they hear the words ‘secretary of state’, they think of foreign policy and Hillary Clinton. The position of North Carolina Secretary of State plays a significant role within North Carolina’s economy.  The office administers state business licensing, certifies election results, and investigates…