NC-02: The money chase, updated and speaking VOLUMES

32b1bb6It’s been said money is the mother’s milk of politics. It’s tough to keep going, to grow and nurture, if you’re not getting any. Well, the year-end reports are in at the FEC, and they are helping us separate the wheat from the chaff in this crowded primary race for the Second Congressional District.

Frank Roche appears to be headed for a tally that falls well below his 2014 haul.  When the smoke cleared in May 2014, Roche reported raising a total of $55,499.   As of the last day of 2015, the Roche campaign had reported raising a total of $29,629 with cash on hand of $10,242.

The FEC does not appear to have any year-end information from Kay Daly.  Through September 30, 2015, she reported having raised $31,226 with $20,808 on hand.

Tim D’Annunzio’s report is interesting, to say the least. At year’s end, he reported having raised NO MONEY, and spending only $25.  He reports $275 in cash on hand, as well jdas $158,624 in debt.  (I’ve seen and heard a lot of radio and TV ads from him.  I guess THAT is what the debt is all about.)

For 2015, the incumbent Ellmers reported raising $891,196 with $415,073 cash-on-hand at year’s end.  Interestingly,  $694,207 of that $891,196 comes from political action committees (PACs).   That’s $185,247 from individuals. 

Now, let’s look at Jim Duncan’s year-end numbers.  He reported raising $391,296 in 2015, with year-end cash-on-hand of $211,658. His take from individuals was $238,636.  (The difference consists of personal contributions from the candidate to his campaign.) mouth

Duncan, the challenger being endorsed by DC- and nationally-based Tea Party and conservative activist groups, is outpacing the incumbent in contributions from actual, individual people. 

It’s looking pretty obvious that Duncan is the only candidate who has the resources to competitively battle Ellmers and threaten her renomination. There is no Democrat in this race, so a primary victory is akin to a general election win. 


2 thoughts on “NC-02: The money chase, updated and speaking VOLUMES

  1. Frank should drop out. He is selfishly wasting voters time only to feed his irrational and narcissistic personality.

  2. If the Republican candidates (minus Renee) for House would meet, and pick only one of them to run, we could easily see Renee defeated. However, if they do not the vote is going to be split 5 ways and Renee is likely to win. Backing out, and endorsing one candidate, will take humility and great love of country on the part of three others, but it will almost certainly insure her defeat. Otherwise, we may continue to have a moderate Republican in Congress voting for many of the bills we conservatives strongly oppose.

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