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Wake County RoD: Riddick STILL trying to pick her victim’s pockets

Former Wake County Register of Deeds Laura Riddick, currently serving time for embezzlement, has filed suit to regain her state pension.  State law frowns upon stealing from the taxpayers, and allows for seizure of any pension benefits accrued during the time said crime was committed….

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Cultural Appropriation: *”Isn’t that special?”*

We’ve filled you in previously on the very “special” counsel to GOP legislative leaders.  From picking a fight with me, to bashing Donald Trump, to apparently blessing the works of our local social justice warriors, Brent Woodcox continues to amaze and dumbfound.   Some background…

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Wake County govt & The mystery of the disappearing dollars

We catch a lot of heat from both sides of the political spectrum here.  Why are you so mean to public servants?  Aren’t you a Republican — a conservative?  The battle is not Republican v. Democrat — as so many would like us to believe…

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#ncpol: Are you READY for some straw polls ????

Nearly one thousand Wake County Republicans got together last night, and you KNOW that is always an occasion for hijinks and tomfoolery and fun with farm animals. But, in all seriousness, they did do SOMETHING to give us a glimpse into how the March primaries…

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THREE STRIKES: Wake County schools aspire to be like NYC

      Three strikes and you’re out.  That’s been the rule of thumb in the game of baseball.  It’s been the law in a lot of states’ judicial systems.  It now appears to be worming its way through our nation’s public schools.  Wake County…

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N&O, leftist teamwork in Wake school board race a travesty

      The N&O teamed up with its former employees in Boss Bev’s press office to walk back her bizarre, baffling, stupid comments about ‘suspending elections.’ Now, the good, down-with-the-struggle comrades in the N&O newsroom are teaming up with a radical leftist PAC to…

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Lessons for us all from yesterday’s elections in Raleigh

One good way to really stoke the wrath of Leftists is to separate them from the government teat. A good example of this is the two-year drama surrounding the Wake County school board.  Since the moment the last vote was counted in 2009, and a…

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Felony charges make The Left, media eat a little crow

Felony charges filed against four Wake County residents for vote fraud are surely making the state’s Left and their friends in the alleged Main Stream Media (MSM) eat a tad bit of crow.  One media outlet that will surely be dining on that annoying black…