Cultural Appropriation: *”Isn’t that special?”*

We’ve filled you in previously on the very “special” counsel to GOP legislative leaders.  From picking a fight with me, to bashing Donald Trump, to apparently blessing the works of our local social justice warriors, Brent Woodcox continues to amaze and dumbfound.  

Some background first on this latest episode:

And here’s our favorite Amazon warrior princess — and right-thinking blogger — Raleigh’s Lady Liberty giving us the 411 on ol’ Lauryn:


In April of this year, I warned parents with students in Wake County Public Schools about the hiring of  Lauryn Mascareñaz.  She had previously worked for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Teaching Tolerance” indoctrination group.[…] 

Aaaah, the SPLC.  They get a lot of driveby media airtime for labeling just about EVERY grassroots conservative group a “hate group.”   *Niiiiiiice bunch of people.*


[…] Wake County hired Mascareñaz for the Office of Equity Affairs. To date, I can see no purpose for or value of this office whatsoever.

It’s a mystery why Wake County taxpayers are ponying up over $507,000 a year for an ‘Equity Office’ staffed by only three people.  Mascareñaz is making $85,000.

By the way, the salaries of those three people at the ‘Office of Equity Affairs’ account for roughly $302,000 of that $507,000. That’s enough money to fund 10 classroom teachers at an average of $50,000.00 a year.

Meanwhile, teachers complain that Wake County does not give them the supplies they need, that their schools are in disrepair, that the trailers which were supposed to be temporary are falling apart and that they more money in their check.

And Wake County School Board is complaining they can’t live within a $1.2 billion dollar budget, that they can’t afford to follow the now 4 year old class size reduction mandate and that they need YET ANOTHER BOND just to keep the lights on.

But hey, our betters over at Equity Affairs are virtue signaling on Twitter about that teacher who might be having kids dress up as Pilgrims and Indians.

Spare us your finger-wagging, virtue signaling crap, Ms. Mascareñaz.
Why not go give Elizabeth ‘Fauxchahontas’ Warren a hard time instead and leave the teachers and kids alone?

Then along came some, um, “help” for ol’ Lauryn from Tim Moore and Phil Berger’s “special” counsel:

Holy cow.  He sounds like John Hood.  (Must be something in the water up there in Raleigh.)

So, we have to keep shelling out her big salary while we politely listen  to her nonsense. So says the “special” counsel.

*Anyone else feel all warm and fuzzy about the fact that GOP leaders are taking advice from this guy?*

For what it’s worth, Lady Liberty had one more parting shot for Woodcox: