Felony charges make The Left, media eat a little crow

Felony charges filed against four Wake County residents for vote fraud are surely making the state’s Left and their friends in the alleged Main Stream Media (MSM) eat a tad bit of crow.  One media outlet that will surely be dining on that annoying black bird, is The Pilot in Southern Pines (whose owners used to spoon-feed us hefty doses of leftist garbage when they owned the N&O):

Republicans at both national and state levels have developed a habit of pushing for “solutions” to problems that hardly exist.

In some cases, the cures turn out to be worse than the supposed diseases — while just happening to help the GOP politically.

A classic example is the rash of voter ID laws that just “happened” to spring up simultaneously in dozens of states whose legislatures had gone Republican last fall. In this case, the problem allegedly crying out for solution was voter fraud.

Had there been some nationwide rash of people casting fraudulent ballots? Not at all. But the cure to this nonexistent disease also just happened to hit Democratic-leaning voters (students, the elderly, minorities) harder than GOP-leaners.

For the record, the Wake County DA who filed those vote fraud charges is a Democrat.    If Madame Governor had not vetoed this legislation, and the “honorables” on Jones Street had not thwarted the override, we could have legislation in place RIGHT now that would go a long way toward protecting the integrity of our state’s elections.  These four charged in Wake County are definitely not the only people who have ever done something like this.

What is so bad about verifying that someone actually lives in the precinct where they are trying to vote?  What is so bad about proving that someone is a legal resident of the country and the state where they are trying to vote?

There are so many tasks that involve showing ID these days– what’s one more?  (Especially when it is tied to such an important, constitutionally-protected activity … )

It actually should be a crime to NOT be able to absolutely — without a doubt — prove your identity and place of residence.

Ruling class politicians and the MSM are so concerned about ID checks at polling places, because it throws a monkey wrench in the seedy, political-machine election day tactics that keep certain politicians — and parties — in power in perpetuity.

These people in Wake County got caught AFTER the fact and AFTER the damage is done.  Checking IDs at the polling place on election day will catch most all of this garbage BEFORE it happens and BEFORE it damages the integrity of our election process.

Hopefully, the legislature will find a way to get voter ID legislation approved before the 2012 elections.