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Pat sounds like Bev.

In 2012, Bev Perdue came to the conclusion that she had enough of a GOP majority on Jones Street and escaped Raleigh to the safe confines of Harvard’s Kennedy School and New Bern.  Lefties and their media cohorts bemoaned the impending “conservative revolution” in Raleigh….

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Bev Perdue’s parting stink-bomb for Team McCrory

The McClatchy Gang and the other remnants of the mainstream media in North Carolina have heaped praise on Boss Bev for allegedly leaving town in a graceful and dignified manner when Gov. Pat moved in.   I had an interesting conversation today with someone intimately…

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Deafening silence on ObamaCare from leaders of ‘conservative revolution’ in Raleigh

      Gov Bill Haslam (R-TN), a moderate who campaigned for Pat McCrory this year, has announced his state will refuse to establish a health exchange called for in the federal  ObamaCare legislation.   That makes 24 of the 50 states that have gone on…

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NC state govt’s “Dorothea” Pre-“Dix”-ament

    It’s being reported that the GOP majority in the General Assembly, outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue, and incoming Governor Pat McCrory are all squabbling about what to do with the former Dorothea Dix Hospital property in Raleigh.  For decades, Dix was the place to…

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BOHICA: Bev goes ahead on ObamaCare implementation (Where are NCGOP & Gov. Pat?)

Friday is the deadline for the states to let the Feds know if they will be setting up health exchanges — Phase One in the implementation of ObamaCare.  State governments have a lot of say on this. GOP-controlled state governments in Alabama and Virginia and…

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Another member of the Richard Morgan clique abandons ship

Now that their fearless leader has been reduced to political impotence and irrelevance, the group of General Assembly Republicans who sided with Richard Morgan to form an alliance with Jim Black is slowly but surely ditching their digs on Jones Street.  (A few of those…

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They came. They saw. They overrode.

        Low-level staffers in the governor’s office are likely scrambling today to ID the truck that ran over their boss lady — THREE TIMES — this week. The folks over on Jones Street successfully overrode Bev’s vetoes of (1) a rewrite of…

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OMG. (Is “she” STILL here???)

  Lame Duck Bev — who polls show is THE MOST unpopular governor in these here United States —  is trying HARD to prove she’s still relevant. She thought she was pretty smart in vetoing the recently passed $20.2 billion state budget.  It’s still not…

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LITTLE LOVE for Bev as she heads out the door

  Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling has found that Lame Duck Bev is THE MOST UNPOPULAR governor in these here United States. The organization’s latest poll found that her disapproval was at 57% while her approval was at only 31 percent. You have to give…

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Feds turn off the money spigot for long-term unemployed in NC

Remember when those highly compassionate souls — Bev Perdue, Barry Obama, et. al — told us that unemployment benefits NEEDED to be extended by 20 weeks (even though we have NO money to pay for it)?  The time limit was 79 weeks, but it got…